Hi, this is Scott for expert village. Were
going to talk about some of the rules of the game. Just some basic rules, and then we’ll
also talk about the basic scoring, and how to keep score of a loose tennis match. So
the basic rules are, your basically your going to get one bounce, on every shot to hit the
ball, or you can hit the ball in mid air without letting the ball hit the ground. Any thing
more than that you bounce like twice then the point is over. Basically, what your going
to do is, your going to serve from behind, (as I stated before the base line). Put the
ball into play, by hitting into the box on the other side of the net. And then your going
to go ahead proceed with playing your point. Getting one bounce, or hitting the ball in
the air. It hits out side the lines obvious the point is over. If you hit a ball, say
iIm more up by the net, and the ball is coming up, and it looks like it’s going to be way
out and I still make contact with it and hit the ball, the point is actually still gone
be in play. Even though the ball would possible be outside of the court.

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Dennis Veasley

34 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Basic Rules of Tennis”

  1. yoo, this guy is great, no matter what some stiff geek like crazypaean999 thinks about him.
    i like him. and if he's a pot head, let him be.
    i'd like him even more then. 😉

  2. blah blah blah.
    Well he did ok i guess but as a beginner he's the LAST person i want to watch teach me how to play tennis. yep

  3. think he did a good job, but doesn't knew what to say. must write a speech before. anyway, thanks for your help. 🙂

  4. this is wack! trust me i knw more basic tennis rules than this guy. here let me tell u:
    1.eye on the ball 2. maintain good balance 3. sound footwork 4 control the face of the racquet 5. control the racquet swing and 6. concentrate!!

  5. hey dude can i ask u sumthing??
    when the ball is in play & its going back and Forth and one of the players tha ball and it barley tips the top of the net is it still A good ball or is it a point???

  6. unclear on what box you are referring to, there are like four boxes on each side, also can you get points ne on a serve? do the serve has to hit the first box etc please do a more comprehensive and understandable video.

  7. if you swing and miss, its the same as not swinging at all. so its out of play unless you actually hit the ball

  8. i was wondering if u hit the ball so it gets a back spin and lands on the opponents side and then with out the oppenent touching it goes over the net and lands on my side who point is it (it cuz i seem to do this a lot i was wondering lawl)

  9. That was a pretty terrible video from EV. Some simple editing and planning would make this more informative

  10. if the ball touches the player, the player who hit the ball is awarded the point. the ball cannot touch a part of a player's body

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