Hi this is Scott for Expert Village and today
we’re going to talk about the backhand. We’ve already covered the forehand, pretty basic.
Backhand is pretty similar except this time we are going to lock our left foot if we’re
right-handed, we’re locking our left foot to the pavement and just spinning it. As we
spin it our front foot or our right foot will spin forward automatically bringing your arm
and your racket head back. Now I usually have beginners use a two-handed backhand because
usually the backhand is a harder shot to get your wrist through the ball. So what I do
is I throw on the left hand and it just kind of goes along for the ride on the same grip
that you had with the forehand and spin your right foot out and your racket will come back.
You still want your racket head raised up a little bit and then as the ball comes toward
you, all you are doing is watching the ball and your arms, your body is going forward
and your wrists come through the ball and you finish up over your head again with the
follow through. So again, all we’re doing is we’re locking our left foot in, we’re spinning,
bringing our right foot forward, getting our racket head back, watching the ball, come
through, making contact and making sure that the racket doesn’t spin in our wrists. So
we are locking our wrist as much as we can and then we are following through high.

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Dennis Veasley

17 thoughts on “Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Backhand Stroke in Tennis”

  1. Mmmm…mix up on titles.. ayy? Anyhow, don't go so far as the back scratch position. Just point your racquet up to the sky and hit the ball from there. You'll generqate enough pace and you won't miss it and embarass yourself.

  2. wtf… i hate expertvillage tutorials…. they just talk and talk =_= they should show us more than talking… like wat the heck, we dont know wat they mean if they dont even show us…

  3. You don't have to be a good tennis player to be a good coach so shutup. He may not be able to play as good as you froobs but can definately coach better and he only teaches BEGGINING PLAYERS. What any top world ranking coach is going to tell you about the same thing exept adding many more things that are more advanced. Reason he doesn't go into that is because it says "for Beginning Players"

  4. Smash is the term used by people who do not really go into tennis strike up a conforsation with a person with a tennis playing average of 4.0 or higher and he'll say overhead

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