Let’s review all the key elements of a topspin forehand. Let’s start with the
grip. You can hold the racket like shaking
hands with an Eastern Forehand grip or you can hold the racket
like picking it up with a Semi Western grip. Either one of those grips will work fine
for you. Your feet – you are either gonna hit open stance facing the net or you are going to try to step into the
shot. Anything in between will also work. What you want to avoid s stepping across
the body. When you’re taking your racquet back you want to turn your shoulders and use
your shoulders to take the racket back. Your non-dominant
hand is going to go with the shot. The racket head is going to be above
your hand. So you turn, your left hand (non-dominant
hand) is going to be pointing to the side your racket is up. Then at is swing you’re
gonna bring your racket down to point it to the ground. Your forearm is
going to rotate a little bit. Then you going to rotate into the shot.
The racket is gonna come from inside out towards your contact point. Your body is rotating, and at contact you’re basically facing
the net. Whether you go with an open stance or with a closed stance. You want to make
sure your hips are turning into the shot making contact in front of the body – body
facing the net. After contact your racket is
gonna go through and over and come around. So the whole swing is going to
look like this: Setup, racket down, rotate, contact point, bring the racket

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Dennis Veasley

5 thoughts on “Tennis Lesson – The Key Technical Element of the Modern Topspin Forehand”

  1. Are the hips, shoulder, and racket all moving/turning together rotating into the ball and continuing to rotate after contact?

  2. Where’s the pet the dog position? Your technique doesn’t include it. Hit the ball in front of your lead leg, relaxed grip throughout, head still don’t look up

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