Hi, this is Jeff Salzenstein, CEO of Tennis Evolution,
and USTA High Performance Coach and I’ve got a really cool tip that’s all about creating lightning bolts with your hands so that you can create more space, more power, and more consistency on your forehand. So, what am I talking about when I mentioned
lightning bolts with your hand? Well, I learned this tip from one of my good friends Joseph O’Dwyer, who helped me break the Top 100
in the world at the age of 30 and when he worked with young students,
or even with adults, he wants them to focus on their off-hand and he wants them to feel like there’s lightning bolts coming out of the fingers of the off-hand. So, what does this do? It creates more space, which allows you to swing more freely
and have more power because the reality is that a
lot of you out there, with your forehands are not using your off-arm in your hand correctly. It’s bent, it’s contorted, it’s close to the body. So, what you want to do is you want to
pretend there’s lightning bolts coming out of your off-hand like this
as you’re preparing for your forehand. So, let me go ahead and demonstrate that right now. So, you can see that when I make my first move, I’m just spreading those fingers, and I’m imagining lightning bolts coming out of my fingers. Let’s go ahead and do that in slow-motion right now. This type of extension, this type of exaggeration, is an awesome tip that’s going to
dramatically improve your forehand. So, if you got a ton of value out of this forehand lesson go ahead and click the Like button and I’d love to have you subscribed to our
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We’d love to hear from you! Thanks so much for your time today,
and we’ll see you at the next lesson.

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Dennis Veasley

10 thoughts on “[TENNIS LESSON] Off Hand Lightning Bolts”

  1. Can you do a short lesson on the importance of bent knees at contact? Some coaches believe that is the best way to handle pace.

  2. Thanks Jeff! I've noticed that many women, recreational players, use to point the off hand palm towards the net instead to the side..

  3. I have used you catch or touch the side fence with you off hand for years. I agree it gives you more room for your movement and a good tip.

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