Tennis Lesson For Beginners After you’ve played for a while from the short court from the contact point you can add the follow-through for one-handed back end the follow-through Ends up here. So the arm is extended and racket pointing upwards So you’re still free from the contact point and now just extend the arm upwards Follow the ball and up When you play one handed back in there shouldn’t be any body rotation when you hit So a good tip that will help you stay sideways is to move your left arm back When you hit the ball So it looks like this from the contact point and The racket goes up and the left left arm goes back You For a two-handed backhand the follow-through is very similar at the beginning so you can finish up here with your arms extended a Racket pointing upwards, but then later is better to just let go and finish over your right shoulder So again you play from a contact point and go over your right shoulder and For practice and fulfill, you can try a few shots like this So you’ll finish up here But then just add the follow-through You There’s one more part of the server I want you to work on before you go to the black line and try the hole serve and this part has to do with the acceleration of the racket towards the ball Now we were practicing from this position where you were getting a good feel for brushing the ball and the follow-through But in this case your arm was in front of your body or your elbow was in front of the about your body But if you try to hit a better serve a harder serve with a more rotation and you need to swing at the ball more So in this case the elbow is or your arm is behind your body So I want you to work on this part or you position yourself Sideways like this and now you drop your racket and get into this position Which you’re already used to so you start here. You have a very loose arm and then just turn and end up here What’s important is that you don’t put the racket down? But you have a very loose arm and the racket actually drops by itself. You just turn your shoulders So from here just turn your shoulders and come in this position and then try to do the same with the ball so you start here you Toss the ball then you brush on the ball. So again you start here in a sideways position and Then brush on the ball You

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