Okay guys, Jeff Salzenstein here and in this video, we’re going to talk about the serve and how you can take your serve to the next level. I’ve got a drill that I’ve used the last couple of years that’s helped create amazing results to teach somebody how to hit a topspin serve. Now, a lot of beginner and intermediate players,
they have more of a slice serve that tosses too far to the right for a right-hander and what we do is a drill called “Dirty Diaper.” Now, this drill was named because I had
an 8-year old student at the time. he felt like at the end of the stroke he was holding his 3-year old brother’s dirty diaper,
so, hence the name. and we’re going to go through a demo of that. I’m going to explain the concepts behind the Dirty Diaper and it’s going to help you have a great
kick serve someday. So, I highly recommend that you try this out,
enjoy the video, and yeah, talk to you later. Alright serving fans, you’re ready to
take your serve to the next level and I’ve got a drill for you that we use every day to help our players take their serves to the next level. Now, the key to this drill that you’re going to practice is you’ve got to get down on one knee to
take your legs out of the picture because oftentimes when you’re standing up, you can cheat by putting the toss in different places. You can reach out and hit slice. There’s a lot of different things that can
go wrong when you’re standing up. So, we put players, adults, and juniors on their knee. Okay, you want to have one leg up
so that you have some balance and you’re going to toss the ball over your head and you’re going to learn how to swing in this direction. Now, when you do that, the key is you’ve got to
stay sideways when you do that motion. A lot of times when people serve,
we’ve seen it on video over and over again they’re going to be facing the net. Okay, so the key is to lean in and stay sideways like this. Now, we call this drill the Dirty Diaper drill because we’ve got it from an 8-year old student last year who said at the very end of the motion, it felt like he was holding a dirty diaper. Now, this 8-year old has a 2-year old brother
at home, and you can only imagine maybe he’s changing the diapers at home but irregardless, what you want to do
is you want to toss the ball above your head not over to the side and you want to stay sideways, and you want to finish like you’re holding the dirty diaper. Now, this is one of our top drills to teach people
how to hit a top spin or how to hit a kick serve because it’s so important for you to learn control,
and to be able to take your serve to the next level. Okay, we’ve got the side view here of me as a lefty and when I finish the motion,
you’ll see the strings facing me and the toss has to be above my head. If the toss goes too far in front and to the left, then I’m going to fall over, and we’ve seen players
falling over when they get on their knees like this. So, it really forces the toss to get in to the right place over the head, and hitting a nice top spin or kick serve. You’ll notice that when I’m swinging at the very end, again, the strings are facing me my shoulders are tilted. So, this is a great drill to keep you from
opening up too early and facing the net. Here I am as a righty. Same deal going on, you can tell
the shoulders are tilted at the end of the motion. the hand is relaxed at the end,
and the arm is slightly bent. Oftentimes, you will see players, when they finish on the kick motion here on the right side, the arm will be completely straight,
but the arm is bent, the hand is relaxed, the body is leaning in to the court,
but the shoulders are tilted. So, instead of facing the net, the shoulders are tilted. Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg
old-school serving volleys to finish on the same side of their body,
I highly recommend it to learn a top spin or kick serve.

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Dennis Veasley

45 thoughts on “TENNIS KICK SERVE: How To Hit A Tennis Kick Serve”

  1. Superb drill!!! You just can't get the ball over the net if you don't do everything well (as you pointed out you can't "cheat"). Thanks a lot!!!

  2. At first the elbow pivot goes in position …then stops in the air and allow the forearm accelerates around …. near the contact the wrist snaps and so doing adds more acceleration and drives the raq. face trought the ball. Hope i have understood.

  3. Thanks Jeff, this is an awsome tip. Especially the one about the shoulders tilted. I was overlooking that really.

  4. How to hit a Twist Serve (where the ball curves to the receiver's right in the air and then
    to the receiver's left on the bounce)?

  5. @TrippleLee From the dictionary
    irregardless |ˌiriˈgärdlis|
    adjective & adverb informal
    ORIGIN early 20th cent.: probably a blend of irrespective and regardless .
    USAGE Irregardless, with its illogical negative prefix, is widely heard, perhaps arising under the influence of such perfectly correct forms as : irrespective.

  6. Great video.
    you must be pretty coordinated being able to hit a kick serve with both arms.
    I hope I can get this soon.

  7. Awesome drill, I especially like how it mentions how your shoulders and hitting arm should look on the finish. Not enough instruction on how to change a dirty diaper though.

  8. Great video Jeff- I would further emphasize trying to hit the "inside" of the ball and stress not the back of it. I wish I could find the World Tennis magazine that chronicled you at the 12 and under nationals with Krunch Kloberdanz, Jeff Giraldo (your doubles partner?) Vince Spadea, JJ from NC. I remember Steffi Graf was on the cover and remember in your part it said Brian Dunn didn't take any volleys or overheads during warmup for the final, said he looked spooked. Great videos!

  9. Could you film it so we could see the drill from the back perspective? I'd like to know how the ball should travel if done correctly.

  10. When I do a slice serve, I can hit it from left to right ( I am left handed ) however when I hit it from the other side it goes to a topspin serve ! WTF! Any help ?

  11. this drill is very bad for your arm becuz ur not finishing your swing, but your aborting your swing halfway.

  12. Our team has drills called Superstars, Olympic, Deep Desperation, Doubles up, and We Got Doubles. Dirty Diapers is definitely not a weird name. I'm pretty sure it's just for stupid fun.

  13. That's a great way to get tennis elbow. You don't want to be "holding that dirty diaper" for too long. You want to finish out in front.

  14. Kick Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your kick serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you? https://goo.gl/q5MyxG

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