– Tennis is easy. But ya know what isn’t easy? Finding someone to play with. I’m lucky. I’ve got Nate. But not everyone has a bearded buddy to hit tennis balls with everyday. – He’s right. Finding evenly matched players
in your area is really tough. I mean, you could join one of those old school tennis leagues. – Those old school leagues
are pretty expensive, and they’re kind of lame. – Don’t you wish finding new tennis BFFs was as easy as playing tennis? Well good news, sunshine. Now it is. – That’s right, my friends. For about the cost of
a can of tennis balls, not only are we gonna pair you with some new tennis besties, but we’re gonna help you
improve your game too. – Yeah, we’re pretty good. Lucky for you, we’re gonna send you weekly video coaching so you know what to practice with all
your new tennis buddies. – All you have to do is figure out what sweet tennis stuff
that you’re gonna buy with all that money we’re saving you. (upbeat, happy music)

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