Today I would like to help you help
yourself. I will try to go back to basics and help you
understand why the ball comes out of the racket with certain characteristics. Why
is it time why’s it spinning? Why is it going in a certain direction?
Well basically everything goes down to three variables: the path of your swing,
Am I swinging low to high, high to low, what is the angle of my swing. What is my racket doing a contact? In which way is it pointing? is it pointing left, right, up, down, parallel?
And how fast is it traveling? Those three variables basically sent a ball with
certain characteristics. if you want the ball to come out of the racket
differently you’re gonna have to change one of those variables or all the variables or the combination. So the answer is always all or in one of those variables. So
let’s say that you’re hitting the ball high and far out. What can you change?
Well you could change the racket at contact. You can close is so the ball doesn’t go that high or you
could change the angle of the racket. Don’t swing low to high so much, swing a little
bit more level. Or you can change the speed. Any of those things is going to
help you keep the ball in. So you need to experiment a little bit. You need to
figure out okay if the ball is going left that means it’s pointing, my racket is
pointing there at contact. So how do I make it point in the direction where I
want my ball to go? Do I need to turn more? Do I need to open my wrist more? What can I do to achieve that? Look at the answer in any of those three variables. An
interesting drill is to try to change one of the variables
every time while keeping the other two variables constant. So for instance you
swing and you try to keep your path, the constant, your speed of the swing
constant but change you angle a contact: close it, parallel to net or open it, and
take a look at the results. Another option is keeping your racket
head position at contact constant, your swings speed constant but
changing: more low to high less low to high, high to low and see
exactly what happens. Other option obviously is keeping the angle, keeping the racquet head at contact position and changing the speed of the swing. if I swing low
high, keep my racket parallel to net, do it slowly, my ball is probably gonna
roll and it is going to bounce right in front of me.
But if I could do exactly the same thing fast, I’m gonna hit a very nice topspin
shot over the net. So next time you are the court
experiment with those three variables: speed of the racket, path of the racket
and racquet position at contact, and you will start
understanding much better what you can change to hit better shot.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Tennis Instruction: The Only 3 Variables that Determine the Success of any Shot”

  1. Known as the PAS Principle: Path Angle Speed variables – physical laws that influence every shot. Very few coaches discuss this. Well done. Below is a link further expanding on this concept from many years ago:

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