One of the most common mistakes in
tennis is being late at contact. There is a lot of time but we tend to
always wait till the ball is closed to take our racket back and swing. Ee
really need to set up and be waiting for the ball as early as possible, so as soon
as we recognize where the ball is going we should turn our shoulders: split
step, turn our shoulders, adjust and then swing. What we normally do is we split
step, we run and when we’re close to the ball then we start swinging. So I’m going
to show you a couple of exercises that are going to force you to prepare on
time. On the first one, the player has to swing twice in order to hit the ball. So
normally you would set up and swing. This time you’re gonna swing once and then
hit the ball. On the second exercise the player will set up as if hitting the
ball on one bounce ,then backing up and hitting the ball in two bounces. So
basically, what I want you to feel is the idea of turning your shoulders and
waiting a little bit in that position. So let’s start with the first one double
swing, after a while the player is going to set up as if double swinging but wait,
wait, wait and then swing. Let’s take a look at this. Now the player is going to prepare as
if they double swing, but hold it. Okay! Now the player is going to let the ball
bounce twice but prepare as if hitting on the first bounce. if you turn your shoulders as soon as
you see the ball coming and then adjust to it, you’re going to make sure that you
always have plenty of time to hit the ball exactly at the ideal contact point
and that is going to really improve your game. you

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Dennis Veasley

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