Hi, today I would like to teach you how to hit top spin. What is topspin? Top spin is a spin in which the ball is turning forwards It’s spinning forwards fast, and what does that accomplish? Well, a fast rotating ball is going to have a tendency to drop. So hitting a ball with a lot of rotation forwards allows you to hit it higher and faster because it is going to drop, so that is the secret of the pros. They hit very fast balls with a lot of rotation in such a way that they can accelerate and still keep the ball in the court. So how do you hit topspin? Well, visualize the ball in an axes like this. If I wanted to make the ball rotate forward, if it was in an axes like this, what would I have to do? I would have to brush it up so that it turns forward, brush it up. and that is exactly what you’re going to do on the tennis court. You want the ball to go forward, you have to brush up. A lot of players think that you need to hit over the ball. That is not right. You want to hit behind the ball and you want to hit up. A good way to visualize this is putting the ball right at the net, putting the racquet behind it and then just pushing up and forward Ball at the net, racquet behind it and push up at the ball. When I am hitting my regular flat groundstrokes, what I am doing is coming from behind the ball and then pushing forward But if I want to hit top spin, I want to hit around the ball. I want to make sure that I am under the ball under contact and then hit up and around. The only way to hit top spin is being under the ball. I will never be able to hit topspin with my racquet right behind it or above it So a good exercise to get this feeling is stand by the net, close to the net putting the racquet low and just swinging up and around. just clipping the net as you swing. swinging up and around. That is basically the swing that you are looking for. Once you feel comfortable doing this up and around, then drop the ball and do the same thing. You want to make sure the whole body is rotating forward and around Drop the ball and swing! Drop the ball, get under it and roll it. The motion of the racquet is like painting a mountain. On the two handed backhand you would do exactly the same thing. The left hand would do the same motion as the right hand on the top spin Down, up and around. The one handed backhand, same idea, racquet low and then comes up and around. Very important for the top spin is that you have the right grip. If you don’t have the right grip it is going to be difficult to hit top spin. So, you have to make sure that you have a closed grip on the forehand. That means an Eastern grip, like shaking hands or even a Semi Western grip Like picking up a racquet from the ground. This grip will allow you to swing up and around and spin the ball. If you hold the racquet with a Continental grip, it is too open. It is very hard to hit top spin on that. Same thing with the one handed backhand. If you are using the same grip as the forehand, you are going to have a very hard time hitting top spin. You need to use an Eastern Backhand grip. That means racquet in front of you You hold it from the top, and that way the racquet is closed and you can hit topspin. So, next time that you are on the court experiment. Racquet under the contact point, swinging up and around on both sides. Visualize the ball on an axis and you are making it spin. From low to high

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