Understanding the flight of the ball and
being able to read it early to detect some cues from the ball early and try to
anticipate where the ball is going to bounce, makes a huge difference
in your game because it gives you that extra time to really prepare and execute
a solid swing. So one good exercise to practice this is one where you try to
call as soon as possible where the ball is going to land. So what you can do
depending on your ability you can separate the court in different areas. You
can separate the court from short to long or from right to left and then you rally
with your partner and you try to call where the ball is going to bounce before
your partner’s ball passes the net. So as early as possible, as early as you know
where the ball is going to bounce you will call . So you can start first calling
short and deep then maybe you can go right or left. So what we’re going to do
is we’re going to do both options right now. I’m going to rally with my partner
first down the line and I’m going to call. if the ball is going to land before
the service line I’m going to say short. if it’s going to land deep I’m gonna say
long. deep, deep, short, deep deep, short deep, deep Now we’re going to try to do the same
thing. I’m going to rally cross court and I’m going to call right or left wherever
I think the ball is going to bounce right right left right ,right left. Oh oh that was a tricky one. No it’s
pretty good. Hey the more you do this the easier it
will be later on to identify that ball early and give you that extra time. so
it’s a fun drill to practice in the warmup trying to anticipate where do you think the ball is going to bounce and to call
it as early as possible. You do it often you’re going to be able to read the ball
much better

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Dennis Veasley

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