Many times players come to me and tell
me :oh I was playing and they kept lobbing over me, or I was playing and they kept
hitting the short ball, kept hitting the short ball. So if they know that the
opponent is doing the same thing over and over and over,
why don’t they adjust their thinking to be looking for that ball? if you are
continually surprised by a certain shot the best way to solve that issue and the
best way to learn to start reading that that shot is coming, is to have it in
front of you every single shot that you hit. What does that mean? Let’s say that I
am always surprised why the short balls so when I’m rallying with my partner or
when I’m playing the point I am always going to say to myself: it’s coming short,
it’s coming short. If it’s not short, nothing happens, but if it’s short I’m
gonna be ready to pounce on it. So how does this work? Let’s take a look. Alright!
short, short, short, no this short, this is short, this short, no deep, short, short
short, yes short. Okay this is short, this is short oh no,
this is short, this is short ,oh this one is short . Aright
by keeping this idea in your head that every ball is going to be the one that
normally surprise you, you’re gonna start learning to recognize and you’re also going to be learning some cues.
You’re gonna start understanding, okay, when does the ball come short? what does my opponent do what to hit it short? So if you are continually surprised by a
specific shot just bring it to the front. Think about that shot every single time
for a while until you start recognizing when it comes.

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Dennis Veasley

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