A common mistake players make while
moving on the court is starting slow and then going really fast and trying to
get the ball. So the common scenario is: I watch the ball and I kind of move to it
and then I realize, oh, I’m way late so I sprint to the ball. The problem is that
I’m arriving at the ball totally forced and I probably I’m not gonna hit a good
shot. In tennis the key is to move fast too slow so you always want to have a
very fast start then you can adjust. If you start fast, if the ball is far you
just keep going fast and you don’t have a problem. If you start fast and the ball
is going slow you can always slow down and take your time and swing, and that is
what we’re gonna practice right now. So what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna feed a
ball to my partner and the idea is to move behind the ball as quickly as
possible and then wait for the ball and catch it. So she’s gonna first catch the
ball then she’s gonna hit the ball, but we’re really working on split step
moving out of that position as fast as possible, then waiting for the ball and
catching it. After that we’ll do it with the racket. Aright ,let’s try it with the racket . Now
move quickly, slow down, hit. Every time that you’re on the court
really think about getting out of this neutral position as quickly as possible
then adjusting and then swinging.

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Dennis Veasley

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