Let’s talk about timing. What is timing? Timing in tennis is striking the ball, bringing the racquet to the contact point exactly at the ideal time. It doesn’t really matter how beautiful your swing is, if the ball is not in position when you swing. That is, if the ball is here and I just hit my beautiful swing I am not even gonna hit the ball. So, if my timing is not right, if I am not swinging at the right time even if my swing is perfect, I am going to make mistake. So, let’s practice swinging at the right time, bringing the racquet head to the contact point exactly when we need it. Let me show you 3 exercises to practice this. On the first one what I’m going to do is hit a high lob to my partner, and my partner is going to try to adjust and catch the ball right off the bounce every time. For this, they are going to have to see the ball and kind of…. think about where it’s gonna bounce and move to that position to be ready to hit it off the bounce Once they get used to that I am going to ask them to hit sometimes off the bounce sometimes off the hip and sometimes off the shoulder. so that they are really forces to swing that racquet at exactly the right time to be able to make contact in the different places. Let’s take a look at this a little bit higher, hip level… good…good…shoulder level off the bounce This exercise is very challenging, so be patient. It may take you a while to get the feel for it Another good exercise to improve your timing is adjusting to the incoming ball and working on sinking as the ball sinks, so as the ball comes as it bounces I want my body down. So I watch the ball as it is coming, I sink…I hit. As the ball bounces, I sink and I swing. So I am synchronizing my whole motion to the ball coming down and touching the ground Let’s take a look at this: Finally, a very challenging exercise to work on your timing is one where you use a metronome…and a metronome keeps track of time and gives you a beep at a specific time frame So what you are going to try to do is rally with a partner and you’re going to try to make contact with the ball exactly at the beat Let’s take a look at this: The key, is trying to work on making contact exactly as it beeps. So that means maybe you are going to have to let the ball bounce twice, or you might really have to reach forward and catch it early So really focus on the beat. The goal is my racquet contacts the ball is it beeps. Also, very challenging – with a little bit of practice you will get better at really getting ready and putting the racquet in place at the right time.

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Dennis Veasley

2 thoughts on “Tennis Instruction: How to Take the Racquet to Contact at Exactly the Right Time”

  1. I have never seen metonome training.
    I feel it is a latest training!
    I was not concern about timing .
    Next time, l will challenge!

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