One of the most important concepts in
tennis is hitting the ball exactly in the ideal position. The more variety you
have in your contact point the easier it is to make mistakes. It is very important
that you’re very clear about where you want to hit the ball on every shot, and
once you identify that position you need to work hard to hit the ball there every
time. Let me show you a couple of exercises to help you with this. The
first one we’re going to start at contact, at the ideal contact point, and
we’re going to just move the body and just push the ball. So we’re going to use
our legs to make sure that we get to that contact point. We’re not moving our
hand at all. Let’s take a look. Once you feel comfortable moving and
hitting the ball in that position you can back up and just start taking longer
swings but really working hard on getting the ball in that position. After
a while you’re hitting from the baseline and I want you to evaluate every time. If
you hit the ball exactly where you want to you say “yes”, if you don’t you say “no”.
Let’s take a look at that. Ready here we go! Really concentrating and working hard to
hit that ball at the ideal contact point every time is a great way to start
practice. So in your warmup, if every day you spend a five minutes really working
hard to find that contact point it just creates a habit that is going to carry on
to the your practices. Try it and you’ll see a big difference

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Dennis Veasley

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