Let’s talk about how to manage a shot
that goes over your head where you have to run back and hit the ball back. First
of all the situation is as follows: you’re at the net your opponent hits a
lob over your head, and you have to turn around chase that ball and hit it back.
So the first thing that you need to realize is that you’re on defense,. so you
don’t want to get to that ball and crush it. You want to get there and hit a nice
very high defensive lob aiming at the middle of the court to give yourself
some time to get in position. If you playing doubles to allow your
partner to backup and be ready to defend. So having that in mind it is very, very
important that when you’re running backwards that you’re always looking at
the ball. A lot of people start running and totally forget about the ball, and
the ball almost hits them in the head. So always look at the ball the whole way.
Second, if you can you have to make sure that the ball is at your side so you
want to run fast to catch up with the ball and keep it at your side. You don’t
want the ball to be too far in front of you because that is a much tougher shot.
If you let the ball get in front of you you’re gonna have to hit it with the
wrist. It’s gonna be a lot more complicated. So run fast to catch up with
the ball and keep it on the side. A big mistake players make is running at the ball. So they’re running at the ball and even if they get there with good time the ball is right in
front of them, and the only shot they have is the scoop. So you don’t want to
get into that position. You want to make sure that you run to the side of the
ball. if…whatever side is easier. If you’re gonna hit a backhand, run a little bit more to
this side. If you’re gonna hit a forehand run to that side. So pick a side and run
to the side. Try to catch up with the ball, and once the ball is on your side
here it’s much easier to turn around and swing up on the ball. You want to get
there rotate and hit a very high lob. You want
to also make sure that you’re running and you have your racket ready. So I’m
running for the backhand, I have my racket ready about where I want to hit it,
and then once I get there I just turn and lob it really high. Same thing on
their forehand I’m running, running, running,
if the ball is right on my side I can easily turn and swing up. In the worst
case scenario you just couldn’t get the ball. It’s too far in front of you, you
cannot get to the side of it, you’re gonna have to change your grip a little
bit, more towards the backhand grip like this, and then just use your wrist. But
that is an emergency shot. You want to avoid that anytime you can. Well there
you have it

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Dennis Veasley

One thought on “Tennis Instruction: Chasing and Returning a Lob that Passed you at the Net”

  1. When playing doubles we always do one up one back because no one like to chase down lobs. We definitely have a lot of work to do in this area. Thanks for the pointers, Edgar.

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