hello this is legal doing stuff and today we’re going to play tennis with my main man Alexey horn board yeah he’s going to teach me a couple of tricks a couple of basic tennis tricks and tennis racket swinging technique how to say how to play I have a tennis court here at my summer house here you said I’m excited about that yeah so here it is go check out the field go ahead good you said you had a this is where the magic happens there’s there’s lines like yeah but this is this is the tennis court business it has lines it’s a tennis court it’s not ready it you have to do it come to my summer house and we have a tennis court yeah so if you could like go and get the net I would I would help you but I have I damaged my wrist yesterday oh I guess you can’t Haven no no I can it’s all my left wrist I can play with my right wrist yeah that’s right Mike he had Sunday here in my summer house last day for playing Kenny we just have to get our court ready [Music] from one to ten how many points would you give the course tennis court right now 11 all the way up to 11 [Music] okay now I like is going to teach me a couple of basic things about tennis how to like hit the ball right hit the ball left what’s the most basic thing how do I hold the stick the bat by the racquet like this so that’s then and then you like this just a moment it didn’t go well it was nice let’s try again once more I’ll throw it and then you can hit it yes yeah that was a risk yeah how do you how do the Rue State is also some might call it backhand backhand you hold it like this and then repeat exactly okay just like it it’s true it is true so this is like backhand backhand fit his backhand yeah yeah this is what is to any have what is one this one is like one of the best ones so don’t try to be funny [Music] okay so we’ve learned the basics backhand forehand weep and slash hand lift land all of that all of that and the past also so and we and we put the net on that’s awesome everything sure alright I have a one last favor to ask you yeah you know what that is well this is ash and stone it has to be flattened out with this thing yeah that with that thing and it weighs about like 400 kilograms so I think you could do it because I hurt my left wrist yesterday so yeah like like that yes it’s in a hole you have to you have to really like put your yeah put your back into it yeah yeah that’s right nice yeah yeah yeah that’s right yeah it’s just good did this man you’re not going to do it on well then it’s a soft course it’s a soft it’s a soft course isn’t it [Music] [Applause] [Music] got [Music] [Applause] okay so that’s some tennis for you guys and now all actually has a challenge for me I have to do this [Music] so I had to hit my ball and love my balls to the other side of the net run hit it with my bat and it has to return to the other side of the with the net over the over the net inbounds yeah yeah and I have 10 tries if you can’t do it then you have to run from here to the lake and you can yeah that’s right yes oh that’s how you do it he didn’t believe that I could do it I did it so alex has to run to the lake three two one go [Music] okay then we’ll think of doing stuff click the like leave a comment subscribe share this video and hit that Bell see you in the next video bye [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

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