Today I’m going to be playing Tennis in the
Face. Developed by 10 tons limited, Tennis in the
Face borrows elements from Angry Birds to bring you another silly physics shooter. The object of the game is knock out all the
people, like the clown or the guy in the hazmat suit. Each Chacter has slightly different attributes. some hold shields, some drop stuff. There also glass, explosives, and vending
machines to keep things interesting, The less balls you use ans the more headshots you make,
the higher your score will be and the more levels you can unlock. There are 120 levels, and several minigames
offered in between. You can’t actually move during a match of
Tennis in the Face. You can only aim your ball and shoot. The amount of balls you have varies, and sometimes
you’ve given explosive soda cans. The bouncing physics are really good and its
satisfying to nail someone in the face after several well planned bounces. The precision seems ultra fine, leaving nothing
at random. At first it might seems like the ball deviates
slightly but remember the doods are also swaying back and forth all the time, causing little
variations. The game has considerable depth and meaningful
high scores, and there is global leaderboard access during the second batch of levels where
the big tennis ball is. And that’s what really kept me playing this
game. After I beat it and experienced its charm,
I went back and discovered new angles, improved all my scores and extended this games shelf
life tremendously. Although I wish there was one central hub
where I could view a list of all my scores at once. With the map its hard to see where I can improve. Overall tennis in the face is a proper birds
clone, and beat my expectations. What about yours? Leave a message and visit

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Dennis Veasley

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