Hello, this is Gregoire, the inventor of In/Out Today, I’m announcing the In/Out version 2.0 with millimeters accuracy Version 2.0 has improved hardware for the net device Remember that you have the light and the sound to signal the call It has new software with training exercise, even your ITR: instant tennis rating The big novelty is this new line device Twelve hour battery life, instant boot, instant pairing, instant calibration… you just need to align this device with the baseline against the fence OK, I’m fully […]. Let’s give it a try As you can see, you are getting amazing accuracy with this new device So, please visit inout.tennis to buy your In/Out version 2.0 device. Thank you!

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Dennis Veasley

4 thoughts on “Tennis In/Out Version 2.0”

  1. Quand verra t on tout ça sur les courts amateur français? Si la FFT refuse cet invention, j'arrête le tennis. Faut pas déconner.

  2. One shot isn’t convincing enough what about if a serve that goes out wide on other side of radar unit how reliable is it then?

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