coach can you just talk about your
team’s performance this weekend wow I mean it was a great weekend for us you
know all around if to be able to see a young group we have a very young team
and to see how they fought all weekend and to come out on top with the win like
this was just fantastic and two big GLIAC matchups this weekend what was the
message going into this week you know what we just we knew how hard we worked
in the offseason so we really just wanted to come out and show that all our
hard work wasn’t for anything and then you know Saginaw Valley is a great team
I mean they’re there you know they haven’t had as many wins as they
probably like but they fight harder than anybody and then I mean we can probably
count on one finger how many times we beat Northwood in the last 15 years so
so that’s that’s a great achievement and pretty mean and how big was this win
today like you said not a lot of wins against Northwood in the past few years
so how how big is that to not just you but the program itself yeah I think for
the program it shows that the growth is there that we’re really I mean that
everyone’s bought in on on being a successful team and in the future of our
team and you know there’s you when they’re out there they’re an individual
but they fight for the team and and the team chemistry and atmosphere has been
so good this year and it’s shown on the court with a very tight victory right

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Dennis Veasley

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