We’re recognizing the fact that Johnny White was inducted into the Bobcat Hall of Fame last spring. So we wanted to make sure that our kids
and our supporters understood the significance of that event. Johnny White attended Central 1962 through 1964. He got 2nd in doubles as a sophomore in 1962. He was a state semi-finalist in singles in
1963, and a state champion in 1964. He later came back to San Angelo and
started Bentwood Country Club as a tennis pro. And he’s made quite a significant contribution
to tennis in San Angelo. One time Texas A&M was on a recruiting trip. They came through San Angelo and their
number one singles player needed someone to play –
a practice match. So, Johnny played their number one player. Johnny beat their number one player. And that guy went on the next week
to win the Southwest Conference title. So that kind of shows you what
kind of a player he was. It’s really neat. You know there’s a lot of memories in San
Angelo. We’ve got a tremendous history in tennis,
obviously starting with the Richey family and Joe Williams and some of the
other state champions. The tradition probably is the most
important thing that I recall. We thought we would honor him by
taking some of the proceeds and donating something that he wanted. So we have four teams and
we’re playing everything at our new ocmplex. This facility is incredible. This is probably the finest facility anywhere. When they reworked this, they did it right. It is a beautiful, beautiful facility. We have Lubbock High, Amarillo High,
Midland High. And these are all three West Texas powerhouses,
so it’s going to be a very good day of tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

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