Ok. So you see that we can do two on one drills.
You can play a game of consistency where the point of the game is, how many in a row can
you get? So make your goal, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, hundred, two hundred in a row.
Whether it is volleys or ground strokes. You can then play mini tennis. And you can play
to keep it in play. Or can then play a game. But when you play to win it ups the level
of your focus. And makes the drills that much more fun. You can then extend these drills.
You can play full court, cross court. And put a line down in the old court. And do what
we just did with the mini tennis. And do it as a full court drill. But there’s really
no limit to what you can do with drills and games. So you can either play them as co-operative
to keep the ball in play. And see how many how many in a row you can get. There are times
in the Pros, Stephen Edberg would be in drills. And they’d keep the ball in play for half
an hour. So if you can do it by time or hundreds of hits. Or try to win the games. But there’s
a lot you can do. Be creative and have some fun. And just see once again, your skills
will improve. Because when you keep it fun, you put a lot of extra effort into it without
even noticing it.

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