Now, we’re going to play a little game. Gary
and I will be at the net. Ken’s at the baseline. I’m going to feed the ball. Ken has to hit
the ball to us and then we can do anything we want at that point. So, first team to first
side to five wins the game. Alright. So, Ken first ball has to be back to us. So, move in and attack that ball Ken. Ok.
So, it’s one-zero us. So, you see how this game works. It forces, it makes it a little
bit of a game and the winner gets to stay. So, it’s one-zero. Oh, that’s a beautiful
top spin allowed by Ken. So, it’s one to one. Ok. That’s wide, so Ken is willing one to
two. Ok. It’s two to two. Nice shot. It’s three to three. So, Ken’s got a lot of fight
in him. Ok. So, it’s four-three game ball. Ok. So, Ken won that game and he would get
to continue. So, that’s how you play this game. You turn everything into a game and
it ups the level of competition and focus.

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Dennis Veasley

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