In the following video I show you with 2 examples how to improve tennis technics systematically. Are you ready? Then let`s go! The main idea is: start with the easiest, end with the most difficult. The most difficult is mostly the free play or a game situation… …and when your player makes technics right in game situation, you did well. You will now see 2 examples how to improve tennis technics from easy to difficult. In this example I recognize that the head of the players racket is not on head position. With a strike out on head position I could improve the speed of the players shot. I stop the video here and now you see that the head of the racket points to the bottom. I now like to practice on that. The easiest level: With my racket I force the player to keep the head of the racket to the top. A lower strike out is not possible anymore otherwise the player would touch my racket. When it`s working good I leave out my racket in level 2. One level up: now with moving to the ball. In level 4 one more time, now with throwing the ball towards the player… …so that he is more under trouble and has to take care on his time-management. Now I feed balls with my racket from the other side, so the dropping-behavoir of the ball is more different. On the last level I play together with the player from the other side – realistic situation. On drill number 2 I like to work on hitting raising balls… On level 1 the player must throw the ball by himself to get a feeling when he has to hit the ball. The difficultiy here is that the player has to swing to the ball, even it has not hit the ground yet. On level 2 the player has to hit the balls I drop to him when they are raising. Level 3 I feed the balls towards to the player. On level 4 I feed the balls with my racket from the other side. The player has to stay in front of the baseline. Level 5: playing together, nobody is allowed to leave the dark blue court. You can do a nice matchdrill on level 6: Both players have to play in front of the… …basline and now they try to win the point. You also lose the point when you leave the dark blue area with your feet. Here another variation of this drill: 4 shot in dark blue area, after that free play also from behind…. Thanks for watching. You can leave a comment if you have questions or improvements. Dont`t forget to like and follow my chanel, so that you don`t miss upcoming videos. Yours, Martin.

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  1. Hey Martin – Your videos are really helpful not only for trainers, but also for players. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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