Hi everyone! This is Ean for Online
Tennis Instruction. i want to give you a tip on
the stance probably the most important stance right now in modern
tennis is the semi open stance. Some people find a little bit
challenging to get themselves there. They have an idea of what they are trying to
feel…getting in on the outside leg but the stances are usually
not very strong, but what you want to do is you want to get into what we call
a semi-open which means this kind of thing. So my right foot is here on
the inside of the incoming ball but my left foot is on the side but not on the
side this way on the side in front. So this is a key position look at me
from this side and then look at me from this side you can clearly see this foot
is behind this foot. That position is very challenging for people! So here’s
a quick tip you can use think about when you practice go ‘back, front, back’ ‘back,
front, back’. In other words don’t move in a straight line so when somebody has
somebody feed your ball but don’t move here in a straight line like this, that’s
going to put your feet in a straight line like this that’s called an open
stance. Open stance is more for when you’re defending and sometimes you have
to if the balls very challenging you have to go into an open stance but the open
stance cannot be very offensive never the base doesn’t allow you to be very
offensive with it! So try this thing where you use the baseline, use a white
line like this and bring this foot back behind the line so this week steps back
a little bit this foot steps in front of the line and this foot steps behind the
line again. There’s a 3 step sequence like a ‘cha-cha-cha’.
So it’s ‘cha-cha-cha’ and there I’m in the perfect semi open stance to make the
shot. The whole idea of course behind the semi open stance is to have the hips
turn less than the shoulders because you want your hips to rotate before your
shoulders…that’s key. So I’m going to show you one more time. Use a line
like this, step one step back, one step forward in front of the white
line and another step behind the line and that way you practice the
perfect semi open stance!

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Dennis Veasley

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