Okay, we’re going to talk to you about the
recovery and where to recover. And making sure that you are in the right position on
the court. A lot of times, you, you’ll find players that will hit their shot, kind of
spectate, look at it, love it and not quite get back ready for the next shot again. You
know, this is ball that you’re not really going to come forward on or you really can
come forward and approach on, it’s that little bit of a shorter ball and then have to get
back and not get caught in that no man’s land area. So let’s show you what common players
will do. Fairly short, I’ll give you a shorter one again. Here you go. Loving it. And then,
shorter ball. Here again no shorter ball, now shorter ball. Looks at it. How about this?
And a little bit out of position for that shot, because he watched his shot a little
bit too long. Now let’s show you what you want to do. You want make sure that you hit
and go. You, you can watch your shot, as you’re coming back and recovering. People don’t know
that. People will just watch their shot in the same spot. So he has a shorter ball right
here and then he gets back. And look, he’s ready for the next shot. Good. Good. Let’s
do that again, looks so good let’s do it again. And he goes again, see that? So Gustavo, were
you watching your shot as you came back? No! He wasn’t. He wasn’t spectating. But he was
able, but he’s able to see it right? Right. Alright, here we go. Let’s do it again. Shorter
ball right there. And he’s still wide, yeah. Very nice. You just hit and go. You make sure
that you’re not sitting there and watching your shot. Very important to hit, move back,
recover right away.

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