What I’m going to show you right now is the
importance of your smaller steps. And these are adjustment steps. And for example, you
have your standard, your average player, maybe a club player might use three, two steps.
Your pro, your typical pro would use, maybe ten, eight steps. And that’s the difference.
You want to make that you’re using your little adjustment steps to dig in precise spot. That’s
why in the club there’s a Messmore versus the pros. Is because the pros are in perfect
position for every single ball they hit. The ball’s going fast but they’re still getting
position. So, I’m going to show you this wide ball right here. This is what happens when
a singles point quite a bit. Because he has this wider ball, Christalo’s going to move
wide for it to recover back. Thinking that he might have to come wide again. But maybe
they hit it down in the middle. And you have to have those little adjustment steps before
you can actually run to the ball. So you have a wide ball right here. coming back. And here’s
that little adjustment steps. Very, very nice right there. Let’s show people what they might
do sometimes. Here we go. The bigger steps. And then right there, and gets jammed. So
you can’t adjust like that. You have to have the smaller foot work, little adjustment steps.
That’s pretty……here we go. That’s pretty hard to do. Yeah. And a little adjustment
steps right here. that was the other way. O.k., here we go. Now the good way, good way.
Over here. Here we go. And a little adjustment steps. Gets him in the right spot for the

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Adjustment step, wow, 10 years playing tennis, why my coach never told me about this gold. Thank very much coach expertvillage.

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