Okay we’re going to talk to you about right
here, is the, is the overhead and how to get back for it. Again, a very common mistake
is people tend to backpedal back. I’ve seen people trip, break their heads. I’ve, I’ve
seen a lot of ugly, ugly things and you get off balance that way. A lot of people, even
on deeper shots, shuffle back. So we’re going to show you a couple of the, the wrong moves,
and, and less efficient and off balanced ways of doing it. And Gustavo has almost mastered
it, this is pretty funny. So let’s show how a lot of players will get back for an overhead.
Look at that. No shoulder turn. God this is as ugly as can be. Backpedaling back doesn’t
get back. I mean what happens now, what happens now if I hit him a deep one, there’s no way
he has a chance of doing that. So what he’s going to do right here, is another common
mistake. Is a shuffle back on a deeper one? It’s not going to get you back quickly. Watch
him as he shuffles. It’s a deeper shot, the ball is already behind him. It gets pretty
tough. Deeper shot, ball’s already behind him, he can’t even get to the ball. Now, the
proper way, the more efficient way of going is just turning and running. So make sure
that you have that crossover and you’re going to get your hips around and get back quickly
to the ball. Very nice right there, see his feet? Left foot comes over first? Left foot
comes over first. See that how he moves? Quite little steps, making sure he’s balanced for
the ball. Very very nice. That’s the way to do it.

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Dennis Veasley

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