Going to talk to you now about the open stance
transfer, and the open stance transfer is a ball, is a, is a move that you’d use for
the return a serve, possibly a higher ball. A ball that you?d want to step, set up open
stance on, and still transfers into the ball and get your body weight into the ball. But
most of, most of the time you’re going to use this on a return of the serve, maybe a
faster hit, a faster serve coming at you. There’s no time to get your feet around. So
what I’m going to do, is I’m going to feed him, or serve to him, basically a forehand.
Watch his feet, he’s going to step out with the right foot, and then transfer in with
the left, making sure his body weight goes forward. Right there, very nice, steps out.
Even on that one, covers a lot more court. See how he stepped out on that one. Make sure
his right foot comes out, and then he’s able to go forward. Let’s do it again and just
watch how his body weight goes forward. Very important to go forward on this one and not
stay put. Body weight goes in. Gustavo have you been practicing a little? That looks good!
Let’s do it again. Even the wide ball, see how’s he’s going forward. Body weight’s in
and body weights in. Very nice.

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