The next clip we’re going to show you the
open stance. And when to use this, what kind of ball to use this on and how to recover
there off that. So you’re open stance, you know, the ball is forward on you and if you
have to go forward, you’re not going to use that open stance too much. The open stance
is a very, very popular move these days. You have Venus, Serena you have Federer you have
all the players, sometimes at some point of their, of their point play that use the open
stance. So what Gustavo is going to do is he’s going to show you that open stance, pivoting
with both feet. And this is for a ball that’s a little bit deeper that you’re going to just
to want to, you know, save your, your steps and not have too many. Here we go. See how
his right foot plants out? He loads up, very important. Right, right foot plants out, loads
up. Look at Gustavo looking good with that. Very nice right there. That open stance, we’ll
show you that again. So he loads out with that right foot and then right in there. Good.
So he’s pivoting with both feet as well. And he’s stays basically in that same spot, he’s
not transferring forward, he’s not moving back too early. He’s finishing shot, his shot
before he comes back in the middle again.

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