The first move we are going to talk about,
we are going to talk about the neutral stance. And this is the type of ball, a ball that
is in front of you, you have a chance to step into it and kind of attack the player. So
this is more for that forward type of motion. This is again for all levels, all ages. So
what Gustavo here is going to do is he is going to step forward into the court, he is
going to basically hit cross court but stepping towards that direction with his left foot.
And his body is going in that direction as well. So watch his left foot as it comes around
for this forehand, stepping into the court. Now the second phase of that would be a recovery
step. So you have him stepping forward right there and the second phase, his right leg
is going to come around, to help him recover for the next shot. So for example, if I feed
a little bit wider right here, he’ll step in, his right leg comes around, now he is
at a strong base to recover back. See that right there? He has a neutral step right here,
stepping in, strong recovery back right there. See how wide his feet are after he hits the
ball, and then he comes back around there. That is going to help you strongly recover
back and also be able to help you attack the ball.

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