Very important move right here. This is a
deeper ball that a lot of players will get, you get this in club tennis, and you get this
in juniors quite a little bit. You know those higher deeper balls we really don’t know what
to do with. And one common mistake is that players will not get set up for their shot,
creating a weaker ball and a lot of times they’ll hit a shorter ball because of that.
So then they repeatedly get that ball over and over and they’re able to be moved around
the court. So as I feed him this deeper ball, watch this is what you don’t want to do. See
that, falling backwards right there, not, not quite getting set up. He’s still moving
as he hits it, and he’s a little bit off balance. It’s tough to hit a good shot, tough to hit
a strong shot. We’ll show it one more time. Boy that’s ugly. Ah geez. Ah geez. Now we
got. It’s okay. We’re going to show them now the correct way to do it without hitting anybody.
Now we’ll see how this goes. We’re alright huh? Okay, so the first move, getting back
now is setting up. That’s it, again. Strong way of moving there, he’s setting up now.
Now he’s able to go into the court. How about a higher ball? Hit a higher ball now. Yep,
again. We’ll have him hit a higher ball; you hit your shot high. There you go. And that’s
it right there. Even though he hit a higher ball, he was still set up. And that’s the
important thing, you want to make sure that you set up, set up in time, to get your weight
going a little bit forward if you can.

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Dennis Veasley

3 thoughts on “Tennis Footwork : Tennis Footwork: Deep Returns”

  1. Funny thing is with the bad footwork he was able to put all three balls in play (versus two out of four with the proper footwork) I guess he needs more practice LOL

  2. @thegamblinglord: Mistakes, errors, shots missed, etc, are all INEVITABLE. They will happen at least once even during matches played by the best in the world. The KEY lies in players' awareness of this and their ability to handle errors effectively.

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