I’m going to show you today a volley footwork exercise that I do to help me move efficiently at the net. The goal of this drill is to lead with your outside foot Often players get taught to volley like this which is okay but if you want to cover more ground and be more athletic you need to lead with your outside foot. I’ve got Connor with me today. And he’s going to demonstrate this exercise. Connor’s goal here is when I feed to his forehand volley he’s going to move his right leg and bring his left leg beyond the doubles tramline So like this. He’s training his footwork patterns and it’s going to help him cover more ground on the court, be more athletic and more explosive The next step is that he will throw the ball randomly and I have to still be ready to move my outside foot The next step with the volley footwork is when the ball is coming at your body and how to move out the way of the ball So if he is throwing it in to my forehand it is a cross over step like this. And in to my backhand it’s going to be a cross over step like this. So my goal is to always to get out the way of the ball and still be balanced, create enough space so that I can hit still hit a good shot. The final piece of the puzzle it trying to piece it all together. Connor is going to throw the ball to me, try to confuse me but I am going to use the correct footwork depending on what feed that he throws to me.

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Dennis Veasley

11 thoughts on “Tennis Fitness – Footwork Patterns”

  1. Feeeeeeeek, its taken me months to get them to get opposite forward 1st. Dont show them they can do it same side 1st, their never get a volley in again ion their life.

  2. hi Jamie nice stuff. Which grips do you use ? Continental ? As far as I see your FH volley is quite flat , no underspin. and the face of the racquet is open, correct ? thanks

  3. Love this.  My coach always teaches me to lead with my inside foot when I failed to reach a tough ball leading with my outside foot – but that is probably because I am not extending the move with my inside foot after the first step.  Thank you!!

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