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Dennis Veasley

69 thoughts on “Tennis Fans Behaving Badly: From Brawls to Falls to Marriage Proposals – Tennis Now Countdown Show”

  1. in that last clip, if you see the whole thing, it is actually the old folks who was the assholes! That young guy did nothing wrong

  2. The 20th anniversary of the Seles stabbing is 3 days away. That changed the recordbooks and her life. Still sad and shouldn't be forgotten.

  3. wtf? That shitty Nadal fan wasn't 'messing with Feds hair', he was trying to disrupt his game as this was Federer's French Open final – without Nadal.

  4. Security were really slow at the French open when that fan came onto the court next to Federer, he could of been stabbed before security even got near that fan

  5. 05:00 it Is Janoskians. That are teen and young guys having funny segments to entertain internet people . Check their channel to see for yourself. It has fun stuff a lot

  6. This video should be removed. An eyesore and in bad taste to tennis greats. Rafa and Roger would not appreciate one bit.

  7. Man I felt bad for Roger 🙁 How dare that idoit touch a single lock of Rogers hair, he should of smacked him with his racket

  8. OMFG that man and woman at number 1 are filth! Disgrace! Fancy that woman saying to him 'You don't have to curse' after she's smacked him in the face!!!!!!!!! What the fuck?!

  9. Stupid bitch in the last one, she just hoping he doesn't slap her back,and if he did she would be in shock "how can he slap a woman"?? That's equality right there,and than the old man attacking him again,..knowing the kid would kick the shit out of both,just counting on him taking the abuse,fucking assholes

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