I was meant to play some sports but
you know tennis was never in plan but I saw it when I was four years old I saw actually Wimbledon I you know I asked my father to buy me a
racket and that’s how I fell in love with My first memory of jewellery was rubies and diamonds
in my grandfather’s study in our head office when I was about five
years old and I was given a pair of tweezers and
told to assort them into different sizes and that was my very first memory and jewellery’s really being with us with me ever
since I have got genuine passion for it. I love
working in a family business. But working in a business
where we’re dealing with such special things and dealing with people who are
celebrating special occasions makes it that much more special. the good thing about tennis is that it gives us a good opportunity
to invite our customers to come and see some fantastic tennis whilst also giving us a
chance to show them our jewellery. we had over the years Sampras playing, Agassi,Sharapova Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic. have come the last two or three years. And it gives them a chance to practice on Wimbledon standard
tennis courts the last time for they actually walkout into Wimbledon arena It was a decent match you know you you
put pressure on yourself to perform well and to play well on a big event I think there is good crowds every year and some relaxed atmosphere
going around I think it’s quintessentially British it’s a beautiful environment we’ve got
here it’s like an English garden party strawberries n cream Pimms in the garden with some world-class tennis.

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Dennis Veasley

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