Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I am the director
of the Austin Tennis Center, as well as a USPTA Certified Teaching Pro, here in Austin,
Texas. Today, we’re going to talk about the equipment you need for tennis. The first thing
you’re definitely going to need, is a tennis racket, with strings. A tennis racket is going
to go along with your tennis ball, so you can hit the ball back and forth. Now, the
rest of the things you need, are not quite as essential, as your tennis ball and your
tennis racket. You could definitely use a tennis court, which will definitely help your
game, but you don’t necessarily need that. You can always play tennis on the side of
a wall, or a backboard, so a tennis court is definitely optional, when it’s coming to
playing tennis. Now, there’s no definite criteria for what kind of clothing you need to wear.
Back before 1975, most of the tournaments required you to wear white shorts, or white
shirts, but that’s no longer the case. Now, the tennis shoes, the shoes you use, is quite
important actually. You don’t want to wear open toed shoes, when you’re playing tennis,
because of all the changing direction, running and stopping you need. There are specific
tennis shoes that you want to use, and that’s pretty much, you can go between cross-trainers,
or tennis specific shoes, or even some basketball shoes. You really want to look for a shoe
that does not have a black sole. The soles on the shoes can leave scuffs on a tennis
court, which tend to ruin the court a little bit faster. Also, on the bottom of your tennis
shoe, there are patterns that tennis shoes generally have. They are, there’s a lot more
gaps in between the shoes, which creates more surface area, between the rubber and the shoe.
Cross-trainers generally work, as well as basketball shoes. That’s pretty much the equipment
you need, in tennis.

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