Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I am the director
of the Austin Tennis Center as well as a USPTA certified teaching pro here in Austin, Texas.
Today we’re going to talk about what a tennis court looks like. Now tennis courts can vary
from color and surface texture or surface material but generally they fall into three
categories. A hard court, the grass court and the clay court. Now once you get passed
the material used in the court, they generally become very similar. They all have a rectangle
shape, a net cutting the court in half into two different areas. You have a baseline on
both the ends of the court as well as a singles alley line and a doubles alley line on the
outside length of the court. Now there’s the alley which runs in between the singles sideline
and the doubles sideline followed by the service line where you’re not supposed to hit the
ball past when you serve and then followed by the tee which cuts the service area in
two different sections to help you determine where you’re serving for each side you’re
on. The net has a specific height and that’s kept in consistency by a net cord as well
as a net tape. At the corner of each net tape is a standard net pole on each side and they’re
generally green. These are the different parts of your tennis court.

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