Hi, my name is Lincoln Ward. I am the director
of the Austin Tennis Center here in Austin, Texas as well as a USPTA certified teaching
pro. Today we’re going to talk about how to purchase a new tennis racket. Remember when
you’re buying a new racket, you’re paying for the technology and the design of that
racket. Nowadays, rackets have a wide variety of different materials they’re made with as
well as features. You want to look for a racket that suits your game. When you’re buying a
racket, its not necessarily the cost of the racket, but how it suits up with your game.
If you have a longer stroke, you want a lighter or mid-range racket that you can take all
the back and swing through and it gives you time to meet the ball. A super heavy racket
might not give you enough time to get your swing all the way completed. If you have a
very short stroke, you want a lighter racket with a wider header so that it will help you
generate the power without a long stroke. A lot of rackets now have a variety of different
types of grommeting systems. A lot of the Wilson rackets have rounder holes whereas
some of the HEAD rackets have completely different grommet system. They’re all just designed
to help keep the vibration away from the frame of your racket increasing the sweet spot of
your racket. Another thing is the composition of your racket. Usually the more expensive
rackets will have a more higher technology in composition in the graphite to Kevlar combination
in the racket. Those are a couple things you can look for when purchasing a new tennis

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. Thank you for this How to in Tennis, Ignore all the haters dude, dont let them bring you down, keep the vids up, I'm sooo addicted to Tennis, infact, I'm going out back right now to play with the Tennis ball with my sis. Keep the vids up! 🙂

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