Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and super
Bear. We’re going to show you some stretches and exercises for lateral
epicondylitis and what’s that bear? Tennis elbow! Let’s get started. So while bears out
save any cat stuck in a tree, we’re going to go ahead and get started. Lateral epicondylitis is the muscles on
the outside of the elbow, the epicondyle there, and they come all the way down
into the wrist. Those are the extensors of the wrist. So a lot of the range of
motion exercises are actually at the wrist even a lot of your times the pain
is up here. So that’s that’s why we’re kind of doing both these areas. So let’s
start off with some rest range of motion just to get it going. You can prop it up on a table if you
want to you and just let your wrist hang off, I’m gonna do it in the air, but if
that’s uncomfortable you can just prop it up on your leg if you’re not by a
table. So just to start off with make a fist with your hand and go down and up.
Just nice gentle movement this is just to get the muscles warmed up everything
kind of moving a little bit. When you go down, you’re going to feel that stretch
and when you come up you’re working those muscles, so it might be a little
bit painful if it is, don’t feel like you have to go very far, you’re just kind of
getting everything loosened up. So once you do about 10 of those, then go ahead
and turn your hand over and you’re going to do a radial and ulnar deviation. So
that’s just going up and down now. So again you know not extreme movements it’s
really just to get all those muscles around the wrist and elbow warmed up and
getting them loosen up a little bit. So again just
start off with about 10 of those. Then you’re going to go into supination
pronation movement. You really just want to move at your elbow down, not really
your shoulder, so it’s not this movement. So keep your elbow by your side that
will help just move here so just going palm up supination, palm down pronation. And again don’t feel
like you have to force it this is just getting everything nice and loosen up. So about 10 of those as well. Then you’re
going to take a small little weight you can use a suit can or vegetable can. At
one point I think this was corn, I don’t know what it is now might just
be mush, but just kind of take it in your hand. And again if you want to prop it up
on something you might want to go ahead especially since you have a weight, I’m
just holding it up so you can see it. And then you’re going to go back into that
flexion/extension again. So just going down very slowly and then coming back up
very slowly. So you’re working those muscles on that outside area there up
to that lateral epicondyle. Go nice and slow don’t let that weight just drop
back down. You can also do this with a resistive
band if you want to, but again make sure it’s nice and control while you’re doing
it. So just starting off with 10, if you get up to 20 to 25 and it’s super easy
then you can go to a little bit heavier weight. Then the next one, if you have a
hammer or anything that’s a little bit top-heavy, the reason you want to use
something that’s slightly top-heavy is you’re going to go back into that
supination/pronation, but one is heavier on top, it gives that extra little stretch at
the end there because that way is pushing it and making it a go just a
little bit further and the same back this way. So this is gonna not only be an
exercise because you’re continuously moving but it’s just going to give that
little bit of overpressure to give you that extra stretch at the end. So
depending on how top-heavy your hammer is, you might want to just start off with
five of these. If it’s a small hammer like this, you can go up to 10. But just
kind of a continuous back and forth if you want to get a little extra stretch
you can hold it there for about three to five seconds and then come back over.
Then going into stretching it out, put your arms straight out and the muscles
on the outside here get stretched if your wrist goes down. Now if my fingers are
straight, that’s not quite as much of a stretch, but if I if I get to here and
it’s a good stretch then that’s fine then you’re just going to hold it for 30
seconds. If you get here like that’s not quite enough stretch, then curl and make
a fist because those muscles go up and over so when you curl your fingers that
gives you more of a stretch. So then just giving a little bit of pressure with the
other hand and then holding that for 30 seconds and do that three times. Then the
last exercise, just take a towel roll it up, and then you’re just going to do a
twisting motion. So start you can start this way and come up, which won’t be
quite as much resistance you’re twisting, or you can twist it this way and you’re
coming back down. But you’re just twisting the towel up and down to get a
little bit of a workout of those muscles. Nice and slow and controlled. There are
some therapy pieces of equipment that’s a little kind of rod and it gives a lot
in it and you can get an extra workout with that, but a towel works pretty good
if you don’t want to spend any extra money, but if you have some money you
want to spend they work really really well. You can get those from theraband or other products stores like that so just 10 or so and then work your way
up from there. So there you have it those were your stretches and exercises for
lateral epicondylitis. I know it tennis elbow. You ready go play with your
tennis ball? If you have any questions leave in the comment section. I know! If you’d like to check out some
other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com and remember, Be safe, Bear will come and help you out, have
fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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Dennis Veasley

74 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. I really like your videos. Nice and simple and easy to understand. I haven't been diagnosed with tennis elbow, but I have soreness on the outside lower part of my upper arm…sort of the low end of the tricep but on the lateral side. Would this be tennis elbow…or would these exercises help it? I notice it a lot when doing plank exercises. Sometimes I'll yawn and stretch and just the contraction of reaching my arms as I stretch will cause a bit of pain. Thanks for any help you can give me. Cheers!

  2. I had surgery rotator cuff & bicep tendon repair and noticed 3wks post open that my elbow is locked at 42 and my 4 fingers won't bend to make a fist. My orthopedic surgeon told me he has never seen this. I am wearing dynasplint for elbow but PT doesn't address fingers,hand, & wrist at all. Have you any experience with this or suggestions. Desperate as this is my dominant hand. I am 3 1/2 mos post op now.

  3. Hello Doctor Jo, lovely, informative video. I've had awful RSI for about 15 years. It began on the computer and sketching (I was making lots of drawings for hours and didn't see the signs: numbness, tinkling etc). Now it never seems to go away and I get strange spasms, in all areas but mostly in the legs, sometimes the eyes. The upper right shoulder (under the neck) is the area. I think I have chronic pain. A physiotherapist thought it was tennis elbow. Do you think it is or something more serious? I get numbness and bad circulation, but not always. I'm 45, generally in good health. It does make me rather depressed though. Your video gives me some hope to move forward. Thanks from the UK.

  4. Hi Dr. Jo. Good vid. Have had a Tennis Elbow for about two years now. When I start your stretches, how long time before I can start feel results and when can I expect to be fit for fight again? Just impatient and curious..:-)


  6. love your personality you make,it fun to watch and learn as i get better God bless…do you have any videos on anteior pelvic tilt and,the psoas muscles

  7. Hi Dr. Jo, just ran into your videos and find them great! How many times a week do you recommend to start with? And should I then progress to more repetitions or more times per week?

    Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the stretches and exercise. I was told if i push down on my fingers and there is still pain, not to do exercise just yet. Thoughts?

  9. I started working in a plastics factory about 5 months ago as a press operator. It was pretty fast paced requiring a lot of movement,lifting and stacking. I did this for a month until I was moved up to material handler/forklift operator. That's when my elbows started giving me problems. I tried going back to the presses but it was way worse. It doesn't hurt much while I drive because I'm constantly moving my arms but that's the only time it doesn't hurt. It seems like the only way to make the pain go away is to always keep moving my arms. Will this ever get better or will it get worse?

  10. Hey doctor Jo, I feel my elbow pain after I extend my motion of chest press. So I stop chest press. If I keep my arm totally straight in the air everyday, I can feel my elbow pain. It is fine that I don't feel pain for 10 minutes after stretching what you did. But I want to be healthy every moment.

  11. I have elbow pain, not on the lateral (tennis elbow) side, but the other side. Right on the joint. Will these exercises address that? Or are there other exercises for that? Thanks. Nice video.

  12. Thank you Doctor Jo my wife went to the GP (UK) and he suggested looking on youtube to show her how to do these exercises and yours were exactly how he showed her to do so thank you and love Super Dog …Lol

  13. DrJo! I wrote you a couple of months ago for advise on these exercises, and I've been meaning to come back for a while to tell you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! These exercises really made a difference and delivered great results. A million thanks for your excellent work and keep it up!

  14. I have this problem too. I get pain while am doing push exercise like bench press dumbell press . I get pain after doing 6 reps

  15. Great video! I have had Tennis elbow on and off (mostly on)for roughly 6 or 7 years. I am now 23. I know that is pretty young, but yes my family physician diagnosed me, it was not a self-diagnosis. I got it primarily from wrestling, but now and for the past year and a half my occupation is that of a mail carrier and I also play a decent amount of video games on my pc which I know is not great for it, but I'm not going to stop that. I used to workout religiously and enjoyed it very much and I would like to get back to that lifestyle. But with my elbows in their current condition that is not a good idea. Any advice, other than the video above? And as for the video above, how many sets of this should I be doing, how many times a day, ice, heat, massage before or after? I would really appreciate it if you got back with me. But I understand if you don't have the time.

  16. I cant fully extend my right arm..i have minor elbow pain buy the pain is severe in tue cubital area where they draw blood lol and the upper forearm ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME

  17. Thank you. I seem to get this in my elbow every ten years or so. I have been doing a lot of cross stitch lately so I think that stable but repetative motion has cause me some inflammation. I have crackiing but not painful. Just the tendon pain associated with the inflammation. How long should I avoid the activity which I believe caused it? Will these stretches work (they feel fabulous by the way) if I continue "some" stitching, just not AS much? Thank you…so much

  18. Dr Jo, loved your demo! How frequent do you recommend these stretches and exercises? Any suggestions on frequency of  icing the affected area?Scott

  19. After a month of doing these stretches, 3 times a day, 18 mins total, my tennis elbow has improved dramatically, the pain increased at first then reduced after around 2 weeks. Thank you. I have recommended your channel to other Guitar players.

  20. My doc diagnosed ME with tennis elbow last week,he told me take rest for 2wewks .. can I do this stretches?? how long will it take to recover , since I am mother of 3 months old baby

  21. Hey… Thanks for sharing….. My doctor wanted me to go to pt but couldn't afford it…. This was very easy and extremely helpful. I have other issues in my elbow, but this sure helped the "tennis " elbow.

  22. Thank you. Thank you. thank you. thank you. first video to actually make my pain go away. You saved my track and field season.

  23. Thanks so much. I can't believe how much these have helped and it's only been a few days. I have both lateral and medial epicondylitis and doing these every morning have improved these annoying injuries beyond what I expected.

  24. Hei I'm a person who lifts a lot of weights I have pain when I do skull krushers will these exercises help?

  25. I don't know if it's what i suffer of but i think i overstrained my left elbow doing mountain climbers because now i was holding a dog possition (4 legs) and it caused me pain that went from the elbow to my shoulder and the (left) upper back

  26. One question for you DoctorJo. With the exercises with the can, I used dumbells and my question is whether you should increase the weight as you improve? For example my routine twice per week was 2kg with the palm up for about 60 reps, and the same with the palm down. I also did the supination and pronation (you use a hammer – once again I used a 2 kg dumbbell holding the end) for about 50 reps. I did 2 rounds of all the exercises using both hands – even though I only had tennis elbow on my right arm. Over time – about a year – I worked up to using 4kg dumbbells on all exercises, and while the right elbow is now much better, and stronger than the left I feel I'm developing tennis elbow in my left elbow !! Too much of a good thing.
    I've now dropped the weights back to 2 kg for all exercises, and feel that both elbows are improving once again. So I'm guessing you shouldn't treat this as a muscle building exercise, and try to always lift more???

  27. Dr. Jo, if i turn my hand the palm does not face the ceiling, it stops a little bit over halfway, is there a way to fix that?

  28. Thank you Dr Jo..I have Tennis elbow and it hurts so bad. These excercises helped me right away. HOw often per day should I do this? Also could you help me w. an excercise so that my wrist/hand doesn't hurt so much when riding my motorcycle. Thanks again.

  29. @ 4:37 TIME. that exercise I feel a sensation as if blood is circulating to my hand..That opens the carpels right? the tunnels..This exercise is good for carpel tunnel too right?

  30. I was doing kettlebell front squats and then bicep curls and just before class ended, I got lateral epicondylitis pain. This happened yesterday morning. It is in my non-dominant arm. When can I start up these exercises? Some things feel good already. But, weighted curl with can, hurts a lot lol!

  31. Thank you for this video Dr. Joe. It is really excellent. I do have a question. How many times a week can I do these exercises specifically the ones that involve a weight and hammer?

  32. Hi Dr. Jo. Thank you so much for your awesome videos!!! I wanted to ask…when I am resting my elbow, should I keep my arm in a bent position or keep it straight.

  33. Hi Dr. Jo, I've been using the Theraband bar (Red) for 3 days now using Tyler twists for LE of my right elbow. My affected elbow is now sore from the work out. Question: should I take a break for a day or so until the soreness goes away, or should I keep doing the Tyler twists every day for the entire treatment period?

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