hello posture pupils I’m Paula Moore the
posture doctor for posturevideos.com and I know you know this but please use
the information in this video for educational purposes only don’t diagnose
or self treat and talk to your health care provider before doing the exercise
in this video hey posture pupils today I’m going to show you tennis elbow self
treatment and this is video is one of a two-part series so first of all what is
tennis elbow well it’s fancy name is epicondylitis
the itis means inflammation so first of all where are your epicondyles well if
you take your arm in the 90 degree position feel for two bony prominences
the one on the outside is the one involved with tennis elbow and that’s
where the muscles all the way from your hand down to this area insert and have
the wrist do this motion here so this is a familiar motion for tennis
players hence why it happens a lot to tennis players but it could happen to
cameramen (or carpenters, painters etc.) I know my cameramen right now has a tennis elbow so that’s why I’m
mentioning him so first of all you need to locate the painful point where is it
inflamed so again find the bony prominence bring your arm down in front
of you and with your fingers dig in around that bony prominence while
you’re moving your hand up and down this is a rotation motion or on top and when
I say dig in I mean press until you’re like ouch that’s the right motion there
if it’s inflamed and really bad you haven’t been able to pick things up
without yelping or get getting changed then you’ve got quite advanced
epicondylitis or tennis elbow once you find the most painful spot and that will
be the tendon you want to stay on that dig those two fingers and I tend to use
these two thumb underneath and use that circular motion and you can do that 10-20
times and then you can go in a little deeper and actually use what
what I call cross friction massage now much like scar tissue when scar
tissue is laid down its laid down in a haphazard way this is how I think of
inflammation sometimes we get these sticky adhesions and when you use cross
friction massage it breaks them up and it helps to heal tennis elbow now it’s
not a massage where you’re rubbing back and forth you’re staying pretty much on
the same point digging in and think of breaking up those adhesions now carry on with that up to 5 times a day you’re going to do that cross friction and you
could do it for a couple of minutes or at least 10-20 times back and forth if
you can manage that and then you’re going to follow it with ice oh and I
happen to have an ice cube here beside me grab your ice cube in a tissue and
right over the inflamed bony prominence sit there until the ice cube has
completely melted away and this is going to be relieving and it’s going to be
great to take down the inflammation over time any questions pop them over to me
and thanks for watching

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