I get a lot of questions recently about tennis
elbow. I’m the developer of Handmaster Plus which we sell to therapists and athletic trainers,
occupational therapists, and many other hand therapists, for example. And so we do get
a lot of questions about how tennis elbow occurs and what it is. And I just want to
briefly address some of this. It is actually fairly simple. It is some
of the things that we have discovered about tennis elbow might be new, are been new to
all the lay people, and even new to some of the therapists that we have — watching this
video. Tennis elbow, very simply, is a word for the
condition of lateral epicondylitis. It sounds like a real complicated word but anytime you
see ‘-itis’ in any condition, that means inflammation. Okay? So ‘-itis’ just means inflammation.
The lateral epicondyle is an area of your upper arm bone of the humerus. The lateral
epicondyle is in the outside. Lateral always means outside and medial means inside. So
we have two epicondyles which are just bumps that muscles and the tendons insert unto.
And so, the lateral epicondyle is over here and the lateral epicondyle is the origin for
the muscles, the finger muscles that extend the fingers and also the wrist muscles that
extend the wrist. And so we have to ask ourselves when the lateral
epicondyle gets inflamed — which is lateral epicondylitis what causes that? A lot of
times we think, we see tennis when we hear tennis elbow and we forget about the concept.
We are so busy concentrating on the name of it. Okay. So just like any other inflammation — inflammations
usually from one of two things: overuse or weakness. Okay? So what if with tennis elbow…
But what is the most misunderstood thing is that, what do these finger muscles do? Whether
these finger extensor muscles do to one of these wrist extensors muscles do? Tennis elbow comes a lot, happens a lot in
anything where we are gripping something. And I have talked about this on other issues
but I want to go through it with people that are using a — specifically for tennis elbow.
Anytime I grip something, what we think about normally is that — the muscles that close
the hand are only working. But what I can tell you is, what muscles that
are just working just as hard are these finger extensor muscles that originate from this
lateral epicondyle? Okay? They are working just as hard to support whatever you are doing
with gripping. Whether that could be sports, that could be music, that could be in the
workplace, it could be in a crafts — it could be anything. Okay? If these muscles weren’t working — these
finger extensor muscles — imagine the fingers would just go like this. When we try to flex
something, we couldn’t do it. Most of the time, when we feel a fatigue in any activity
we were working for a long time — sports is really really common, music is really really
common. The fatigue is coming from the fatigue of
these finger extensor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles because they are the muscles
that are generally not strengthened very much. Okay? So, that is really a quick thing about tennis
elbow. It is that — if you want to prevent tennis elbow, we have to make sure we have
strengthened the finger extensor muscles. The product that we developed to do that…
most people are starting to know about it now is called Handmaster Plus. I will
show you right here. It is very simple. It goes onto the thumb and then on to the
fingers. And what it allows us to do is train not only the finger flexing muscles, the muscles
that close, but those finger extensor muscles. Okay? So every time I train those finger extensor
muscles I am going to make them stronger, I am going to bring the better blood flow
to that area, and I am going to prevent this tennis elbow that we see so commonly. So all I do is I close against the
ball, open and spread against the cord, close against the ball, open and spread. Now, instead
of three or four different exercises, I do one continuous exercise and I will tell you
that now we are going to keep these finger muscles strong, we are going to keep blood
flow — so we are going to have a nice, healthy insertion, or origin for that muscle at the
lateral epicondyle. And therefore, we are going to have a fairly little chance for lateral
epicondylitis. The other problem we show people that use
their hands a lot is the really isolated finger extensor muscles and the wrist extensor muscles,
is to do this exercise — squeeze against the ball, keep the thumb on the ball, extend
just the fingers like I am doing right now, then extend the wrist backwards so three steps.
Squeeze for count of one, extend the fingers for a count of two, extend the wrist for a
count of three. Squeeze, extend, extend, squeeze, extend, extend. You can see each time I do this exercise — not
only am I strengthening the finger extensor muscles, I am also strengthening the wrist
extensor muscles. And now I am going to strengthen all five muscles that originate at this lateral
epicondyle. And I can tell you — If you do these two exercises: squeeze and open,
squeeze and open then the three-step exercise, like so — even if you use your hands a lot,
you are going to have a very very low chance of having any kind of tennis elbow or lateral
epicondylitis. To get this product, you can go to doczac.com
and you can buy it online or you locate any of our distributors and brand partners. And
once again, it is very very affordable, very mobile — you can carry it with you anywhere
you go, and it is easy to do — there is no excuses to not doing your exercise and prepare
so that we would prevent tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis.

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Dennis Veasley

100 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) – Cause, Treatment and Exercises”

  1. @toonclarke
    Great question!
    Absolutely…proper grip size is vital. Tennis elbow is commonly related to activities where one repetitively grips (create stress at the lateral elbow) & then creates forceful, isolating motions.
    Improper grip size increases initial stress at the lateral elbow & thus creates higher risk of RSI or traumatic injury.
    Remember, even with proper size grips, TE can still occur without proper training..but yes the risk is less!

  2. @vassilis359995
    I would suggest to get a second opinion from a soft tissue specialist. I highly recommend ART practitioners (search active release technique) or Graston practitioners (search graston technique) for soft tissue conditions of the elbow.

  3. @grravityman
    Hope you have been answered. If not I highly recommend that you search Handmaster Plus as you can easily and conveniently train these muscles and tendons that control clutch action and gripping during riding in preventing. Search active release technique and graston technique if your condition is active.

  4. @korgpadude
    Search active release technique if your condition is active. Handmaster Plus is designed to train these muscles inprevention and is very easy to use.

  5. @doczac i have been to 3 already, one of them gave me a cortezone i think its called now in my right elbow now on my left elbow on the bottom inner side just where the bone is i can feel my tendon hurting using my thumb by pressing on it. Is it ok to press hard on it and massage, After a very big pain from the massage it feels like its gone but the next day its agony. Not only the tendon hurts at moments it feels like the bone one doc said its artharitis but i dont think it is. No more doctors

  6. Doc, when is it recommendable to start using the hand-master plus? Should I wait until I have some sort of rehabilitation, or could I start using it now?

  7. @giovaman21
    You must be cleared by a health care professional to begin rehabilitation exercise with Handmaster Plus. I recommend contacting someone who is a soft tissue therapy expert, such as searching 'active release technique' or 'Graston technique.'

  8. @vassilis359995
    It is your choice my friend and I understand your position. It can be very frustrating. The techiques I have recommended are very specific. I cannot recommend using Handmaster Plus a professional advises. It would be your own risk, but only try soft and use only in comfortable ROM, never come close to overdoing or pain. 1-2x per day max. Stop if painful.

  9. @dbs231 :
    Twice per day is lots, spread out the sessions (eg. am / pm). Perform only to comfortable fatigue, no pain…that may be different reps for you than another. The key is never rehab into pain, only comfortable fatigue. You will stimulate blood flow & repair. Remember also that we never recommend using HM+ without an okay from a health care professional. Make sure u are being monitored.

  10. I have a burning type of pain on the inside of my elbow below the joint, I get the pain when I am lifting in a curling motion. My Doc said it is Tennis elbow and he gave me a scrip to get a strap that wraps around the forearm below the elbow. Does this sound like Tennis elbow to you or did my Doc tell me something wrong?

  11. Is this product for the treatment of tennis elbow aswell as prevention. I have had tennis elbow several times, and am just starting to feel it 'flare up' again! If I catch it in the early stages & do something about it I'm hoping I can prevent it going any further. Hence my question, does this product treat existing tennis elbow, or just serve as a prevention for future occurrences – or both 🙂 Thanks

  12. @estowife
    We suggest you contact (search Google) an ART (Active Release Technique) or Graston Technique practitioner in your area, as they deal with TE regularly and can properly diagnosis and treat it. Handmaster Plus is super-effective in both preventing and rehabbing TE, but rehab must be approved by a licensed health care professional when a case is active, especially chronic.
    Let us know if we can help further.


  13. beware,,,,,, tennis elbow can be caused from a b one spur in the ac joint pinching tendons and liaments, after surgery to remove the bone spur, the tennis elbow was still there, I got lucky and found a good physiotherapist who gave me ultrasound with a wand and gel for 25-30 minute after about 30 sessions it finally subsided but tried to come back a few times so i quit doing everything a day or 2 then resumed stregnthing, it's gone for good now

    Interesting comment. By definition, tennis elbow is an inflammation of a specific area, the lateral epicondyle, the tendons on which originate from muscles that are finger and wrist extensor muscles. I agree that a practitioner must make differentiatial disgnosis what might be causing 'elbow pain' in general (and your case is super-interesting!), but true tennis elbow occurs at the origin of the tendons of the finger and wrist extensors. Thanks for your comment!

  15. my story is over 7 years long and very troubling i was diagnosed 2007 tendinosis left shoulder, tried prolotherapy 2 sessions, ;(never again), mri 2010 shows impingement syndrome? now have tennis elbow, lt arm; i've had to stop everything due to pain and am receiving no treatment whastsoever;
    universal heathcare in canada is a lie; sent back to work multiple spinal fractures ubdiagnosed but suspected by workers comp and their paid assassins

  16. @TheGirlRocker2
    Sorry, it is impossible to give u an educated guess without examining it. If it were tennis elbow, it would be super point-tender at the outside of your forearm and especially at the elbow. You will have to have it examined.

  17. @bucsfanjn
    Sorry to be late to answer ur Q. We didn't notice ur message. Unfortunately each case is different regarding tennis elbow. It is best to approach treatment using a soft tissue therapy (i.e. ART or Graston), ice/heat and rehab exercises and use an elbow support if you are gripping or active. Consult your local health care professional.

  18. i had tennis elbow from doing incline skull crushers my elbows were outside, i had that pain for 2 months. then came usp labs supercissus and elbow pad. took 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal.

  19. But You Only Told Us How 2 Prevent It …. What About If We Are Suffering With It How Do We Heal ? Ourselfs? …….. ELECTROPHERAPHY? PHYSIO? …… PROLOTHERAPHY WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS?!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  20. @SoxStar89
    The best treatment results I have seen for tennis elbow is ART or Graston techniques + strengthening & balancing exercises (Hansdmaster Plus).

  21. @chad10174
    Feel confident in ordering Handmaster Plus. We take care of our customers. The reviews were of product from a container several years back. Our manufacturing was restructured immediately & is completely different now. Even then, all customers who had faulty product were sent new finger cords. We appreciate our customers very much.

  22. I have a question I play tennis almost every week. When ever I play tennis my palm hurts and I got a small little bump in my palm but it wont hurt, when I press it hard then it hurts.My tennis elbow dosent hurt and my wrist kind of hurts.Is there any exercise that I can do.

  23. @1996supernikhil You must get examined first to rule out any invasive condition before you start exercise. When you are ready for exercise, order the Handmaster Plus 3-pack. HM+ allows you to easily strengthen and balance the hand, wrist & elbow. Start by using the soft – progress as necessary

  24. I recently purchased the Handmaster Plus 3 pack due to tennis elbow in my right arm & a slight case of CTS in my left hand. (from constant repetitive typing for the last 2 years) I think the device works well & I am glad I bought it. It promotes a nice stretch in the fingers, no pain in the hands & wrist, & you can feel the blood flow in the forearms immediately. Also, be careful when doing the TE Elbow Pain Rehab exercises on another Youtube site. Slow, nice & easy, do not overdo it.

  25. @jjp4mma Thanks for your comment. We are helping A LOT of people with tennis elbow and comments like yours may influence people who work at computers to prevent TE through proper exercise.

  26. I have tennis elbow and it s painful in my right arm. I had an injection but i want to stretch it. where can i find your product. Will i get rid of my tennis elbow in the future.


  27. @MrPastos : As I'm sure you are aware, tennis elbow can be complicated. The exercises we highly recommend are for prevention and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, rehab exercise is not recommended until the tissues can handle it. I suggest u contact an 'active release technique practitioner (ART)" in ur area. They are skilled in treatment and can guide you to rehab using Handmaster Plus. Let me know if we can assist further.

  28. I have tennis elbow for 2 to 3 months now, when i buy this product can i just start training 2 minutes a day from the first day on?
    or do i have to do other things first? like stratching or things like that?
    when i have to describe the pain it would just be really really enoying.

    kind regards

  29. Bastian:
    Thanks for ur Q. Unfortunately I cannot guide u in treatment over the internet. You must be instructed by your health care professional when it is the appropriate time for rehabilitative tennis elbow exercises. On occasion exercise may aggravate any inflammatory condition, so please be aware… if you start any exercise program on your own, start very slow, so as not to aggravate,

  30. Hey, if overuse griping and underuse extending is the issue primarily, then what is the purpose of the squeeze ball? Might it not be wise to "not" squeeze the ball and concentrate on the extensors?

  31. @devonplumley :
    It is an option for therapists to favor extension over flexion when the imbalance is extreme. Handmaster Plus is used to train ALL hand muscles through full ranges of motion in balance. The result is strength, balance & maximum blood flow. When users start on Handmaster Plus, they are weak in extension & fatigue quickly. It is unlikely to overtrain the flexors (i.e. the exercise is limited by the weaker group). Once the muscle groups fatigue equally, balance is acheived.

  32. I am a Massage Therapist, have been for 7 years. I am having symptoms of tennis elbow in both arms now.. I can admit I didnt take care of myself like I was supposed to in the beginning years of my career but now I am in extreme pain and in need or solutions. I am icing, taking anti-inflammatories, myo fascial release and now i bought a elbow band from walmart.
    I researched your hand master plus.. which one should I get? soft, firm hard?

  33. Also… What is a good way to rest? I work 5 days a week… what suggestions would you say to me as a therapist? THANK YOU for any type of response

  34. I've got I question. I think ive got tennis elbow as i have a massive lump on my elbow(gets bigger if I twist my wrist to my chest or clench a fist). But I've got no pain so should I just leave it?

  35. @THURGOODa:
    You will have to have a health care professional examine ur elbow, but no it does not sound like tennis elbow. You would feel pain. It may be elbow bursitis. Have you 'banged' your elbow recently (i.e. fell in your elbow) or do you lean on your elbow (i.e. student)? This is more likely, but consult with ur health care provider for a direct & complete examination.

  36. @doczac Thanks for the reply no I haven't (there on both elbows) people keep telling the they look normal. there about a inch in diameter and a cm heigh. I dunno if its just because my arms are fairly skinny, so the tendons stands out more. I do lean on them quite alot though.

  37. @THURGOODa :

    Leaning on them quite a lot could easily cause elbow bursitis. You can read about it online or contact a health care professional.

  38. would slight inflammtion at the forearm(flexors) be a symptom of tennis elbow? mainly gripping while arm extended/abducted is affected. its painful but more of a discomofort. not unbearable pain

  39. @leigionslasher :
    It is difficult to pinpoint over the internet. You must be examined for a more conclusive response. What I can say is that all musculature must be balanced for your body to work most efficiently. People rarely balance finger flexor and finegr extensor muscles – repetitive gripping in weightlifting causes this imblance which affects the fingers, thumb, hand, wrist, forearm & elbow. Handmaster Plus is designed as a simple, affordable, complete soliution.

  40. @stefano017 :
    Handmaster Plus is super-effective in strengthening and balancing the hand, wrist and elbow, so is the leading trainer in preventing joint imbalance & tendonitis. When it comes to treatment, it is highly suggested as part of the full rehabilitation of tendonitis cases, but only a health care professional can decide WHEN it is safe to rehabilitate using Handmaster Plus. Examination is necessary with a local health care professional.

  41. @crystalebright :
    The same repetitive muscle imbalance is at the core of most hand, wrist & elbow conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome. This is very basic anatomy, and yet most health care professionals ignore the 'cause.' We are working hard to educate people who grip or 'flex' regularly to maintain hand muscle balance, through proper balanced exercise.

  42. @crystalebright
    My pleasure. Follow instructions. Do not overdo. Be consistent. Also, educate others. Most repetitive stress injuries to the hand, wrist and elbow are super-preventatble with Handmaster Plus because of its BALANCED exercise. Classic 'grip-only' hand exercisers create imbalance in the long term.

  43. I was doing dumbbell pressed with 80 and 90 pound dumbbells for a few weeks and noticed my fingers being locked up then I had pain in my left elbow and couldnt even lift a 25 pound dumbbell without pain. I have tennis elbow from your video. will this really help me. I cant work out anymore, this has ruined my life

  44. Hey Doc,

    So I've had horrible pain on my right elbow. Finally went to the doctor and he said I have Tennis Elbow he gave me an option of a steroid shot or just to wait it out. Will the Handmaster help me heal this injury? I just want to make sure to use something safe and effective so I don't injure myself even more. Also do you recommend soft , med or firm? Or should I get all 3? I'm very active with sports and weightlifting. Thank you!!

  45. @gsubima123
    Many options between steroids & wait it out. I suggest you find an expert in extremity conditions. Try to determine the cause of your tennis elbow, correct it, then re-strengthen & rebalance & maintain the balance. Handmaster Plus is easy & convenient for the restrengthening, rebalancing & maintanance. Find an ART therapist first for diagnosis & treatment. Search 'active release technique' to find a practitioner in ur area. Let me know if we can assist further.

  46. @MSFARRAH – Not sure if we have responded to your question. Please view the advice above. Consult with an extremity expert, search 'active release technique' and find a practitioner in your area. Handmaster Plus will be super-convenient for rehab, restrengthening & rebalancing, but you must ensure that the joint is stable first. Let us know if we can assist further.

  47. Now I've finally figured out what my supposed "tendonitis" actually is hahaha.Thanks for the vdo doc, keep it coming.

  48. Hello doc,
    I've this very acute pain in my right hand outer side of the elbow and fingers and wrist feel a little numb. I believe it is tennis elbow. I use computers a lot. Previously, my hand resting position while using mouse used to be bad and it was very much stressed. This was 4 years ago. I neglected then. From 2 years it was fine, though, it used to pain at times. Recently, i've been playing badminton and my hand is paining again, this time it is too much.

  49. Sometimes pain is too much. I can not stop using computers. That is my work. I can leave badminton if it is necessary. But, I like playing a lot. Can you please give me a suggestion on what to do. Can may hand be normal again?
    Thanking you…

  50. @venkataHarish :
    Computers are a subtle problem to the hand, wrist & elbow; thus you don't hear very much about them. The problem is when the palm faces down (computers/piano/etc), the finger extensor muscles are at stress (they support the fingers against gravity). To make matters worse, they contract in one position – never fully open. The result is a short, weak extensor muscles (& elbow) easy to injure. Handmaster Plus stabilizes this -make sure u are approved for exercise by a Dr!

  51. @venkataHarish:
    Once cleared for rehab exercise, use Handmaster Plus – Soft. Progress as necessary. If not cleared for exercise, seek soft tissue therapy to the elbow and related tissues. Definitely discontinue badminton for now as this activity highly stresses the elbow (i.e. grip combined with intense forearm rotatation with flexion & extension). Badminton wud easily aggravate ur condition. Ask about an elbow brace to support the elbow during computer use until stable.

  52. @tjslayd69 : Sounds like 'golfer's elbow'.. the opposite of tennis elbow, linked to the same imbalance: hand's flexor (closing) muscles dominant over hand's extensor (opening) muscles. These muscles over time become adhesed into this imbalance; common in all grip-related trades. Suggest: search 'Active Release Technique', find a skilled practitioner in ur area. They can 'free' the muscles for proper correction. Then use Handmaster Plus exercises to regain/maintain hand muscle balance.

  53. @tjslayd69
    My pleasure. There so many misunderstandings about the cause of chronic hand, wrist & elbow conditions. If the cause is misunderstood, the treatment will not make sense. Hand, wrist & elbow conditions can be difficult to correct, so it is important that we understand the area and make sure it is strong, balanced and stable and always has maximum blood flow once corrected (i.e. regular proper balanced exercise).
    Let me know if we can assist further.

  54. could NOT stand the pain this evening and I came upon your Handmaster product. Even with a poorly improvised version (had to do something to give this exercise a try), I am almost completely pain free with just a few reps. I am going to purchase your product. Thank you very much! I'll be passing this along1

  55. @DeathKnightsCow The main underlying cause of medial epicondylitis is also hand muscle imbalance (finger flexors dominate the extensors), so it is key that you address the imbalance. It is inappropriate for me to not advise you to see a health care professional… always the safest route, but Handmaster Plus is designed specifically for this imbalance. Please get professional clearance for rehab exercise and I think you will be very happy with Handmaster Plus.

  56. @19idgaf77 Yes, braces are key for temporary stability as well as during high intensity activities. The key point about TE is that, at some point, you have to strengthen and balance the muscles and tendons & bring blood flow to all of the tissues and joint surfaces – and that can can only be done by proper full range of motion balanced exercise. That is what Handmaster Plus makes so easy. You can only cover symptoms for so long. Eventually you have to address the cause.

  57. Just wondering this is Prevention of tennis elbow what if your already have it? Do you do these things anyway I wanna if your muscles can recover from doing these set of exercises

  58. @JUNZTAA: If you have tennis elbow already, the best protocol is to consult a health care professional to see if rebalancing exercises are appropriate for your condition. You may receive clearance or they may want to treat the instable area & then recommend Handmaster Plus exercises for final stage rehab.
    Let me know if we can assist further.

  59. People miss that the finger extensor muscles ARE contracting during the grip, just as much as the finger flexor muscles. The difference is that the flexor muscles are contracting in a full ROM & the extensor muscles are contracting (in support of the flexors) statically. The wrist extensor muscles contract through a full ROM when loading a forehand or delivering a backhand, further stressing the extensors. All repetition grip injuries are possible, extensor injuries are more common.

  60. Depends on what has happened… If ligament, then longer. If inflammed, generally shorter time period. Have it checked out by a health care practitioner who is skilled in extremity work.
    Let us know if we can assist further.

  61. CB: First be sure to consult a health care practitioner to approve exercise rehab. Upon consent, Handmaster Plus addresses core weaknesses/imbalance that lead to the tennis elbow condition. Exercise 1-3 times per day until a comfortable fatigue only (usually 30 seconds – 1 minute max). This is because most people are super-weak in extension muscles, the key stabilizer muscles for elbows!
    Let us know if we can assist further.

    Let me know if we can assist further.


  62. Could you get ateral epicondylitis in Taekwondo over training? I'm currently training for my black bely grading, doing rounds of five hundred punches at a time. lately my joints in my elbows have been feeling like they are scraping together; is this ateral epicondylitis? thanks!

  63. Tennis elbow is very specifically an inflammation at the lateral epicondyle (of the humerus), an attachment point for finger and wrist extensor muscles. Very likely if you are having TE symptoms it is more likely from repetitive gripping in your training OR from the mechanics of a side or back 'strike' where the outside of the elbow is put at stress (I do not personally know Taekwondo, sorry).
    Let us know if we can assist further.

  64. Hello, before I order, I was hoping you could address M.E. I guess it is called golfers elbow
    I got my condition through lots of guitar playing. Is there a separate exercise for this inside elbow injury
    Thanks for your help

  65. I have made a blog to answer your question. It is a verygood question and key for many to understand. Please be sure you are cleared by your health care provider to begin rehabilitative exercises… to find blog, search 'doczac' and click BLOG at our website.

  66. Yes, absolutely. Handmaster Plus is designed to keep the whole extremity chain strong, balanced and maximized with circulation.

  67. BV:
    Handmaster Plus is designed for training, injury prevention & rehabilitation. Just be sure to consult a health care practitioner to confirm that you are ready for rehabilitation exercises. When ready start with the soft strength and progress only when stable.

  68. Thanks. I was mainly asking what can be done for the pain. Strength training will be well down the road. Thanks though.

  69. BV: I am a strong advocate of ART therapy to address muscle/tendon pathology, adhesion and imbalance to help the recovery of tissue & joint in preparation for rehabilitation and rebalancing exercises. It is VITAL to balance the muscles to prevent reoccurrence. Good luck.

  70. …Mine has been recurring for almost 2 yrs now. My therapist made me do weights to strengthen that area and when i do that consistently it disappears but when i stop, it comes back. Is there any other way to strengthen the muscles long term? where i don't have to do the weights everyday?

  71. Sorry, I didn't receive this message. ART is Active Release Technique. It is used to break down muscle adhesions specifically that alter the function of the muscle and joint that they affect. Very important in chronic muscle imbalances. Very specific. Great results. Works amazing as a first step and Handmaster Plus as a second step in restrengthening and rebalancing finger, thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel, forearm and elbow imbalance. Search active release technique.

  72. Chronic imbalances usually require soft tissue breakdown and restrengthening. No way around it if you want to rebalance any joint. Just exercising does not break down the chronic repair tissue that limits the joint from complete recovery. Search 'active release technique' for breakdown, Handmaster Plus is complete, convenient and affordable for restrengthening & rebalancing.

  73. Does this work for a mouse arm aswell as tennis albow? i Have had returning issues with my arm for about 10 years now..

  74. Hi kromannxx:
    Yes, Same mechanics. Remember what most health professionals don't talk about, using mouse and computer brings your forearm in a 'palm-down' position that is breeding grounded for chronic static contraction of the hand and finger stabilizer muscles, the extensors. Thus, overuse injuries are common to the elbow, wrist, finger & thumb unless the body is properly prepared via balanced exercise preparation and maintenance.

  75. A major cause of inflammation is too much sugar in the diet!  A lot of people are unaware of this. Try dramatically reducing your sugar intake and you will be surprised how much less pain you have in your body!

  76. Would you like to remain healthy and require some tips for it? There is a solution that I noticed from my experience. Just type in Google as: "HealthZap99" to find out the new healthy tips.

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