four fingers on top on detainee area and press it down what extent your hand this way and why break the power from left to right one two three make sure you place the four fingers on the pain area firmly one two three four I have the wrist legs too right one two three four five one two three four five six make sure you stretch the wrist all the way down and all the way up nine ten one two three four five six seven eight nine ten stop point four five more seconds one two three four five six seven eight nine ten kamo one two three four five six seven eight nine ten stop all for five more seconds one two three four five now reverse it one two slowly three rotate your wrist all the way down and all the way up to release the painful day now ten-time Oh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten wait for five more second one two three four five this time calm disposition bring in one and set up to ban the elbow all the way in and all the way out and this will help to release the pain further one two three four five six seven eight nine ten well done wait for five more seconds one two three four five now release the hang out and relax yourself and give your elbow love massage that one two three four five six this will improve your circulation and your pain will start to reduce one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and relax yourself do this for five days and you will start to feel better [Music]

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Dennis Veasley

81 thoughts on “Tennis elbow: how to get rid of the pain”

  1. Kudos for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you tried – Parlandealey Flexible Elbow Process (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one of a kind guide for learning how to cure tennis elbow without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 finally got astronomical success with it.

  2. I’ve been doing this exercise for the past 4 days. It’s works. My pain has decreased a great deal. Thanks!

  3. I feel fatigue / burden in the shoulders when doing this. Is it ok, or maybe there is any alternative to reduce shoulder burden?

  4. Hi This really seems to work, do i do this exercise just once a day for 5 days or should i do it more than once a day?

  5. Very interesting, very different from what we usually see on tennis elbow treatment. By the way, do the exercises also apply to golfers' elbow? Incidentally, the link to the website does not seem to work.

  6. Hi Sifu. You once touched my elbows & the pain went in under 5 mins….sometimes I get the pain but rare….my right arm has still continued to click fir like 3 years… my Dr said it will eventually stop ! Just wondering any advice ? I got this because i always punched all the way out in Wing Chun when you are not meant to…any help is appreciated…

  7. Many thanks for a very good video on tennis elbow, this has been the most useful youtube video on this subject. I wish you much more views and likes for your great work. Many thanks Michael

  8. after first time running this video through i could feel a huge difference. been hurting for 2 months. thank you very much

  9. Folks, his videos aren't fancy looking type but take his techniques and try.
    He has video about strengthening wrists. I have been doing it everyday. I do feel my wrists stronger and gripping strength improved 👏

  10. Just a precision you really need to stick the tip of the fingers on the trigger point and try to break down the muscle tissue while moving the arm..

  11. Also if the area your pressing with your finger stop hurting move your finger slightly to find a different hurting spot to break down the muscle tissue.

  12. Hell Austin, thanks for your videos..
    I had some issues with my elbows the last years.. normally I don't feel pain, But when someone or somehow I over close the elbow joint it hurts very much. For instance this two last weeks it hurts A lot.. you think this exercises can help me fix that chronic pain ?
    Thanks a lot !

  13. My tennis elbow pain last about 1 year with some good moments after fyziotherapy like 3weeks gypsum and ultrasound but I dont know why, the pain come back. Now I have tried HIL therapy but the elbow still not good. I work in office and was used to go to the gym 4times a week. Will try this excercise and will hope it will be better. I also have some shoulder problem.. it is annoying for that long time.

  14. Absolutely wonderful, tried it and from the very beginning I started to feel a little relieved, will continue for the next few days as recommended, then you very much for such a useful exercise..

  15. Amazing, I have been suffering badly for two months and this has helped almost instantly – fantastic results – Thank you !

  16. Hi Austin..I had gout once in a while and when it happens I want to know what is the fastest way to remove the pain ..sometimes it's so bad I had to take one pain killer a day. Thank you

  17. you are amazing…. while doing it for the first time, I felt like you hit the right spot…. let me do it for five days and come back…. Thanks a lot. I wonder how you know all this…..

  18. Austin ! I truly appreciated your video and the technique for the tennis elbow, its been a release of pain.
    One question ;
    My shoulder get really stiff and stress holding the exercise , is there a muscle tendon that maybe its pulling it from the right shoulder ? my pain in the elbow its the right one .
    But again, the exercises are providing me real pain relieve and giving me very good results without flossing my elbow and forearm .
    My Wrist get sore and have a bit of pain, how to alleviate that one ?

  19. How many time a day should you do this exercise ? Ok found answer 2 times a day..hope this works been dealing with this over 8 months, think I've tried every recommendation on the internet plus the a doctor's recommended exercise.

  20. Excellent, I broke my elbow when I was 5 and to this day it still affects me. It made me stop playing my passion which was tennis when I was older. This helps a lot. Any more tips for someone who broke an elbow?

  21. The results from doing the exercises are amazing in my case. I have been suffering from tennis elbow for around 2 months, consulted doctors and therapists, but recovery has been rather slow. Even after weeks of therapy, I feel pain whenever I try to curl my fingers and form a fist. However, after doing just 1 set of the exercises, I felt immediate relief and I can make a fist without much pain…I am truly amazed…Keep it up sir Austin and more power!

  22. Thank you so much! After 4 days my elbow is feeling a lot better. I will keep doing this program to keep the elbow strong!

  23. Fantastic. This is by far the most useful video on YouTube for tennis elbow. Started to feel better almost immediately. Many thanks.

  24. Thanks Austin! I have the pain since the beginning of 2019. I thought it will go away in time but it won't.
    Now I know it is tennis elbow and thanks to you I believe the pain will gone soon.

  25. Thanks Austin! I have the pain since the beginning of 2019. I thought it will go away in time but it won't.
    Now I know it is tennis elbow and thanks to you I believe the pain will gone soon.

  26. Hi anyone help I’ve had this on my elbow for almost 8 months now from over weight lifting dose that work on this too ??

  27. First time to comment on your video, but I’ve been following quite a few (scoliosis, pinched nerve, etc.) since I subscribed a few months ago.

    I have some pain from overuse of my left triceps due to weightlifting. I did experience slight pain in doing some of the movements, but it definitely gave me relief afterwards. 😊👍🏼

    Thanks so much for all your help. More power to your channel!

  28. Mine is on my bottom bone of my elbow,, I had my arm bend when I accidentally hit it on the door. My dog kinda of cut me too quickly as I turned to turn to go through the door way. Thank you for your videos..

  29. Nice.
    i dislocated my elbw in musculation …20 days ago …i just try this ..because of epycondile …
    very good…U're a Genius . thx.
    btw i use to practice for shoulders, scoliosis too these days…I just discover your channel ..seems great !

  30. Wowwwwww you are amazing this really works my shoulder has been so painful and i did two of your exercises just now only done them this one time and my pain is GONE truly amazing am gonna do this every day was gonna go to doctor but i don’t think i need one now THANK YOU ! My shoulder has been hurting so bad so long sometimes i cant hardly turn the steering wheel on my car with this left arm it feels so good now pain all gone i can move my arm again

  31. Very effective exercise!! After trying many other techniques this is the only one that has worked for me!

  32. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I immediately started feeling better after the first time I did it😄💪! God bless you and I love your channel🙌🙏😊!

  33. I quit mid way my arms were getting tired, this made it hurt worse when I finally got through it tho… No offense

  34. I don’t ever comment on vids but this provided instant relief!!! I would highly recommend doing this, just as he does it, it definitely works!

  35. you are amazing!!these exercises have helped me heal with this pain for the last 6 MONTHS! I started doing it from the first time I noticed a difference in the localized pain and everyday it improved.I cannot thank you enough, 6 weeks of therapy did not do what your exercises did in just a few days. Thanks for sharing your knowdledge.Godd bless U

  36. Many Thanks, Austin, for this excellent, to the point video (and all your other fantastic videos)! Few days go I have done your instructions to get rid of tennis-elbow pains together with you, and the pain was gone immediately! Today I have repeat it, to try and keep control, pain has permanently disappeared ; Nowhere one can find such a helpful video here on youtube than with your channel, Austin you are really amazing! Warmest greetings, Martine.

  37. That was pretty awesome! Felt a great deal of muscle activation in the shoulder too which is a big cause of tennis elbow. Thank you so much!

  38. Hi, did anyone get rid of the elbow pain permanently with this exercise? I've had my pain for about 2 months now, went to the doctor, gave me pain medicine and something for circulation, but after feeling better, the pain came back, not at the same intensity, but I can still feel it sometimes. He said it's from doing repeated exercises with my hands.
    I will start doing this for 2 times a day and see what happens. thanks for the video, Austin, it seems to help!

  39. I am going to give this a try. I've suffered with this tennis elbow for 3.5 years and now its also turned into golfers elbow. I need constant pain killers.

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