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Dennis Veasley

43 thoughts on “Tennis Elbow? First Thing You Should Try to Help It Heal Faster”

  1. Hi Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the internet and that's my opinion!!! 🤗. This is great information about tennis elbow that I have never seen before. Thanks guys.

  2. I have rhumetoid arthritis and my elbows are bend and deformed I .cant hold anything with my hands even a cup of tea infact i cant comb my hairs i cant lift my arms up I have pain n deformation in fingures also. Plz will u suggest me some exercise to overcome it.

  3. Battling my secound round of tennis elbow in 4 years. First time it took a year to fully heal. Second time I am now 6 months into it. Why does it take so long to heal? Should you ice it right after breaking down the muscle fibers like you showed? Thanks for the updated video on this.

  4. Thanks Brad and Bob, I will try these techniques to relieve me from some pain cause from crocheting throughout the years!

    #grippe things😂😂

  5. Hello Bob and Brad. So my mom has a stiff arm, she doesn’t know what happened but she can’t move her arm back, outward , or push items. One time I was pulling on her bad arm (forgot she had this problem) and she yelled in pain. This has been happening for a year or two now and we don’t know what it is. She went to a doctor about it and she recommended a physical therapist. Are there any exercises that is suitable for her to follow?

  6. What I found interesting is that, when my arm was straight out, I could locate the pain spot. But, when I bent the arm slightly, I couldn't. I'm assuming the bend of the arm moves the offending tendon over somewhat. Anyhow, I'll be doing this one. Thanks guys. P.S. Your wife has great taste Brad. Very nice shirt!

  7. let's just say I started massaging the shown area and ended up massaging my triceps and chest too.. great video, much appreciated!

  8. Thanks Bob & Brad you guys helped me to recover from TWO calf injuries.( It was injury then reinjury syndrome. )☹ Same leg. Question: any recommendations for aerobic exercises. I'm moving away from my 5-10 miles on elliptical (that's what I got injured on); and decided years ago to move from a treadmill over concerns it might bust out knee caps. Female over 65. Appreciate it. Great videos 🤗

  9. For tennis players: Physical therapists should answer this question only together with the professional TENNIS INSTRUCTOR who have ability to teach CORRECT tennis strokes (mechanics). Any pain or discomfort caused by tennis is due to very incorrect, "beginner" or amateur stroke. That stroke is like a tree growing upside down: roots up, crown burried in the ground. Beginners, amateurs "arm it", play with arm and wrist. Most common and most horrible problem is using the Active Wrist to achieve anything in tennis. Rule: from elbow down to your fingertips: this part does not ever actively plays tennis, it only holds the raquet. I want to write more, but my comment will be banned most likely anyway. But I must try once: perhaps someone will see the light. Professionals play tennis only with: 1. Legs, torso (waist) and shoulder-torso structure, shoulders. In professional tennis, arms is just a piece of flexible string which has no musles. MMA fighters call this effect "The Rubber Leg": leg has no musles when it hits your temple but it kills very effectively.

  10. R.I.C.E first step then 1.Find tender spot | 2. Deep Cross Fiber Massage (5-15min) if starts to feel better after 30sec keep going- if more painful keep Icing | 3. stretch/glide ( 8:46 ) palm flat on table push inside of elbow towards outside (to thumb side) Hope this helps

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