The idea is to use the whole body to
throw the medicine ball and to be explosive. The swing needs to mirror the medicine ball throw. The idea is to set up the same way as you did when as you did when you threw the medicine ball and swing as fast as possible while staying relaxed. On the backhand side it is the same concept, throw the medicine ball as fast as possible using the whole body keeping your shoulders level. Make sure the technique of the throw is solid. The technique of the stroke needs to mimic the technique of the throw. The swing needs to be fast. The same concept applies to the serve. Usually you want to throw four to six times
and then swing 4 to 6 times. You wanna be explosive, and you
wanna go as fast as you can. Right after throwing the medicine ball you swing as fast as possible staying relaxed. The idea is to use the whole body. Here you can use a kids’ racquet or you can use a badminton racket, anything that is very, very light The idea is you want to fool the body a
little bit. You want to swing faster than normal
with the light racquet and then tried to do the same thing with your normal racquet. It is important to have all the balls together so that you can repeat those swings one after the other one. The same concept can be applied to every stroke. 5 or 6 really fast forehands with a very very light racquet and then 5 or 6 maximum speeds swings. Here is an example with the backhand, as fast as possible trying to stay relaxed and trying to keep the technique solid. You start with the backhand. See there is a weight on the racquet. 6 really fast swings with a heavy racquet follow by 6
shadow swings with the normal racquet and followed by 6 swings hitting the ball. All swings have to be very fast trying to stay relaxed and trying to make sure the technique
doesn’t suffer. Same thing on the forehand side: heavy racquet first, shadow swinging with normal racquet and finally hitting the ball

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Dennis Veasley

17 thoughts on “Tennis Drills – Improve your Racquet head Speed Through Contrast Drills”

  1. This is perfect for what I am trying to teach right now.  I just ordered a good medicine ball for my daughters/students.  Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I've been practicing a version of same with wrist weights after a colleague introduced me to your technique. Would that work in your opinion? Please let me know.. Thanks again and love from India!

  3. Her forehand would be as fluid as her backhand if she tracked the ball longer with BOTH hands on the racquet. Then drop and pull.

  4. I'm definitely going to try this. A 3.5 player and takes about a year or more to break a string. There is a cement wall on the courts I frequent, that should work for the medicine ball and lead tape should work for the heavy racquet. What size medicine ball is recommended?

  5. I have just come across this video. It is included in your tennis book, but I had not had the chance of seeing you performing it on live on court on YouTube. Thanks for sharing this great tennis ideas for improving our training sessions! Regards!

  6. This is great advice and it reminded of how the Roman soldiers used to train, they always used a much heavier sword in training and so their combat weapon felt really light.

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