The overhead; what’s the overhead? You’re up reasonably close to the net; you’re
bothering your opponent. He hits a lob because you’re bothering him,
he wants you to move back. A great drill for us to practice going back
is to stand with the racket touching the net. Now, you’re not doing this in a game, this
is just for exercise purposes and a challenging drill. Touching the net, the pro hits a lob over
your head, the first thing you do is you step back, move back, arm up, look up, strike the
ball, finish the swing, admire your shot. No, come back to the net and touch that net
again. It’s exercise as well. So, the drill is run up to the net, run back,
hit the overhead, run up to the net, run back and hit the overhead. We do it over and over and over again, until
your body does it without even thinking. The overhead motion is very much like the
serve. It is the serve, essentially, but it’s the
serve at the net. As Kirk mentioned, you’re going to touch the
net on this drill, you’re going to get ready and you’re going to run back in the overhead
position, or what we call the scratch back position. You’re going to run back a couple of steps,
reach up, hit the ball like a serve, follow through, and come back up to the net and touch
the net again. That is probably the most well-used overhead
drill in tennis. Touch the net and go back.

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