off the bounce a player practices hitting us deep
bouncing ball off the bounce at different heights. This
is a great drill to improve timing the ability to take the racket head to
the ideal contact point precisely at the right
time. A good warm-up is to have to advanced players rally with each other catching the ball off the bounce every
time. If the players cannot do this themselves,
then you can start with the next step which is the off the bounce. For this step a player or a coach will hit a high bouncing ball the the other player or to his partner. The player going to try to catch the ball right off the bounce every time. Practice
on the forehand side practice on the backhand side. it’s important that the ball is very, very high and that it
bounces steeply up. The players will have to move their feet, adjust and swing exactly at the right time. The next step is to do exactly the same thing, a
very high ball but try to catch it at the waist level. So the player moves sets up and then hits the ball at waist level. Then you try it at shoulder level. It is important that the preparation is right behind contact. so if you’re trying to catch the ball at
shoulder level you’re going to take the racket up, right at
shoulder level and wait for the ball to come by right
in front of the racquet to swing. So keep your swings compact, set the racket high and make sure that you
may contact in front of the body at shoulder level. Finally you’re going to mix it up. The players are going to be asked to catch the ball right off the bounce first, the next shot is going to be at
waist-height, and the next shot at shoulder level, off the bounce, waist-high and shoulder level. Just mix it up. Do some forehands. Do some backhands and try to get the ball right at the ideal contact point every
single time. If done often this really will teach the players
exactly when to swing to get the racquet to the ideal contact point.

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Dennis Veasley

17 thoughts on “Tennis Drill – Improve your Groundstrokes by Improving your Timing”

  1. This is a very good drill! I really like all your videos!I 'vebeen using all the tips and drils that you have promoted.Thank you a lot Edgar!

  2. My tenth grader is on varsity doubles and would like some drill advice so the two of us can practice together and improve/refine fundamentals. While I did not have professional training I learned from parents in the 80's and in college club tennis. any drills videos you could recommend as a sequence would be great. We appreciate your clear explanations!!

  3. Nice video and advice!
    What surface is this? The audio sounds like a ping pong table??
    Just wondering – not being critical.

  4. I will try this. I have been trying years to improve the consistency of my forehand, but it is always a case of good one day, bad for the next two weeks.

  5. What an awesome drill! very difficult too. I guess the main difference between contacting the ball at different heights is how close you move your feet to the bounce of the ball. love their compact backswings. Thank you for sharing. Will try this for my daughter.

  6. Dear Mr Giffennig,

    I have watched all of your videos and must admit these are the best ones for me as an amateur player — always straight and to the point.
    Have fun and keep doing this great job!

    Paco from Saigon.

  7. This is good to start with but can you show us how the kids deal with feeds with high balls that explode off the court up high with spin? Thanks

  8. How often would you work on timing? Would you work this progression with beginner/intermediate/advanced players? Nice video!

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