I have the perfect drill for you to improve your depth on the groundstrokes. This drill will also improve your height over the net and develop your tactical and understanding on how to win more points and matches. Hi, my name is Peter Rejmer and this is
Swedish tennisschool. I am Swedish tennisschools expert on
tennis technique, tactics and drills for players at the
competition level. In this week’s tip I will talk about a basic drill that will help you develop
your consistency and depth from the baseline. I call this
drill consistency drill with match-play. The drill looks like this. Start with drawing a line about one racket behind this
service line. So put the racket something like this, and measure one racket behind the service line. If you
have plastic lines put them out, or if you play on clay you can draw the line with your foot in the clay, and
the purpose so this basic drill is to together with you hitting partner hit
four balls in a row in this area, so you start feeding the ball and play it
back and forth four-time, and if you managed to hit the
ball four times in a row and with a good depth behind this line you play out the point, but if you hit
into the net or out to the sides or hit long. You have to start a new ball, but if you
hit the ball over the net and inside the court you just start to counting from one again. So, the drill is very basic and it will teach you hitting an
consistent ball deep, and teach you to start rallies
like that in a match you learn to play it smart tennis it also helps you working on your concentration
and and patience so don’t give up if you
can’t make these four balls in a row on the first try keep
playing and my suggestion is that you play
matches to five or ten and have to fight before
you finished this drill, did you like this
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consistency drill with match play one step further, this
see you really can develop your tactical understanding to the next level until
next time I see you hit some deep consistent groundstrokes
and you always remember will help you over the
net we are your 24/7 Swedish tennis coach.

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