This is a nice drill to develop feel for angles. It requires quite a bit of control. The players move each other to the side and try to get severe angle; then moved back towards
the middle of the court. Once they get to the middle they start hitting inside-out shot
angles. The players should try to get at least
to the doubles sideline before moving back to the
middle. Of course this drill can also be done
with backhands in exactly the same way. Players start moving each other wide until they get to the doubles alley and then they move each other back to the
middle and to the other side. As the players get
better at this, they can’t hit the ball with more spin and more speed. Doing this drill often will help the players understand how to angle the ball better to get the
opponent of the court.

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Dennis Veasley

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  1. What makes this channel excel over all the other tennis channel is accompanying the tips with some lively drills.. Thanks Mr. Giffening

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