How are you doing, it’s Jason Gerardo in Phoenix
Arizona, Gold Key Racquet Club on behalf of Expert Village. What we’re going to do today
is we’re going to talk to you about some doubles strategies and to help you play a little better
doubles, a little more aggressive doubles, and kind of help you out, bring your game
up to the next level. What we’re going to talk to you about is some different strategies
to help your doubles game. For example, learning how to read the player a little bit, learning
what kind of shot’s going to come to you, how to react to those different shots, and
also to where to place yourself at the net so you can have that strong, powerful positioning
at the net in your doubles play. Secondly, we’re going to get into your positioning and
your shot selection. So once you start thinking about what you’re going to do before a point
starts, you have that in your mind, we start telling you what you want to do with your
shot, and you go forth with that. In the next clip, we’re going to get started.

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