Hi I’m Jason Gerardo at Gold Key Racket Club
in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. Now I would like to talk to
you about reading the serve. We have talked to you about reading the shots or reading
the returner at the net and now we are going to talk to you about reading the serve and
what kid of serve is coming to you. For example, we have a ball that is coming over your head
to the left and you see this and you know this ball is going to have some type of top
spin and you are going to have to read that ball differently. One thing I like to tell
my players to watch for is watch the toss and watch the shoulders quite a bit. This
is very very important right here. When you see that toss go up and you see the shoulders
go round and they open up a little bit too soon or a little bit quicker than you might
think, they are going to pull it wide and it is going to be hard to get to the tee.
You can be able to read that wide serve a little bit easier. If you see a player that
is holding a position a little bit longer for example that sideways position then they
are going to the tee area right there. This is going to be hard to pull cross court. It’s
going to be hard to pull wide. Pros can do it, not many club players, not even 50’s or
55’s. It is real easy to start picking apart the serves if you can watch the shoulders.
Now when you get into that wide slice serve right here you start seeing this ball, that
ball a player can come around that and you are going to see a slice happen. You are going
to see a side spin kicking out wide. With the next ball right here and the ball is going
over their head that is a top spin like I spoke about before and one over the shoulder
flattening that out. Those are three different types of serves that you might want to look
for but the shoulders are first. It is very important to watch the shoulders.

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